Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Living Social Deal: Kids Haircut $8

Living Social is another one of the Daily Deal sites that I've told you about recently.  A lot of times, these sites have offers that are completely unnecessary to me and would never fit in the budget anyway, like the various spa treatments that are always listed (though, I'm always tempted by those cheap massages).

Fairly often though, there are deals that let you pay less for things you are needing to do anyway.  I have seen discounts on things such as oil changes, and my husband recently bought a certificate to get two haircuts for $14!  I am going to start sharing some of these types of deals with you.

Today's deal for the DFW/Mid Cities region definitely falls under that category!  I just wish it was a bit closer to my house. =(

The deal site is in Southlake, TX, and it is for a kids haircut place called Pigtails and Crew Cuts.  The haircut would normally cost $17, but today you can get it for just $8.

These little places for kids are sooo cute.  The day after baby sister came home from the hospital, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law took my older daughter to one of these places here in Garland to have her hair cut.  She sat in a pink Barbie Jeep and they even did her nails (they sprang for the whole spa package).  She was soooo excited about it, she still talks about it to this day and that was nearly 2 years ago!

So, if you live close enough to Southlake, this deal will make a haircut at the cutesy kids place just as inexpensive as going to Supercuts or someplace like that.  My thoughts are if you are going to spend that money on a haircut anyway, might as well make it fun! =)


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