Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hello Out There!

Hi there!  This is a brand new blog.  I am going to begin shortly writing daily posts about the little things that I do to save money these days.  With two kids and one income, that is crucial, as you must already know. 

Some of the things I will post about are awesome coupon deals, and how I match up coupons with sales at the grocery stores and drug stores.  I will also share links to printable coupons that I come across and think would make a good deal when a sale comes along. 

I will tell you where to go to request free samples of products, and show you what comes in my mailbox. 

I will also share other helpful tips about what I do around the house to stretch the budget even further.  One of my favorite is freezer cooking.  I will post more about that along with pictures when I cook.

And that's not nearly all.  I have lots of things I would love to share with anyone who is interested.  Please bear with me right now as I finish learning how all this works and getting my site furnished with more useful information.  I'm very excited to share what I have learned in the past with anyone who might benefit from it, so visit often and tell your friends. =)


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