Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Best Deals: 6/29-7/5 (Meat, Produce, Etc.)

I am currently preparing to leave town to visit some family on Friday morning, so with all the packing and recovering from stomach viruses going on around here, I apologize that this is so late and will be such a condenses version.  You can expect things to be back to normal in 2 weeks!

Seedless Watermelon  $2.99
Blueberries (pint)         $1.29
Strawberries (lb.)        $0.99
Cantaloupe                 $0.79

El Rio Grande:
Boneless skinless chicken breast  $0.98/lb
Tomatoes    5 lbs. for $1
4lb corn tortillas   $0.99 each
Corn   8 for $1
Paper Towels  4 for $1
White Onions  4 lbs for $1

El Rancho:
Boneless skinless chicken breast   $0.88/lb
Imperial Sugar   $1.50 (limit 2 w/$10 purchase)
Corn    6 for $1

Cantaloupe   $0.99 each
White Potatoes   $0.59 each
Boneless Skinless Fryer Breast   $1.49
Limes   20 for $1
Corn   3 for $1
Cucumbers   $0.39 each
Danonino   2 for $3
Fresh Green Beans   $1.29/lb
Bunch Lettuce or Spinach  $0.99 each

Tom Thumb:
Boneless Skinless chicken breast   $1.99/lb
Corn   4 for $1
Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce   $0.99 each
For more Tom Thumb (Safeway) deals, please visit Saving With Shellie!

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast   $1.49/lb
Baby Back Ribs    $2.47/lb
Leg Quarters   $0.59/lb  ($5.90 for 10lb bag)
Grapes   $0.99/lb
Corn   10 for $3
Drumsticks/Thighs   $0.98/lb
4 pack Frappucino  $2.99 each wyb 2  (Must....Resist...LOL)
For a full list of Albertson's Match-ups, please visit 20SomethingSaver.

*Kroger is beginning a Mega Sale this week*
Squash   $0.99/lb
Corn   4 for $1
For a full list with coupon match-ups, please visit Melissa's Bargains.


Sunday Coupon Preview: 7/3

Usually on Holiday weekends there are no coupons, but this Sunday there should be a P&G insert.

Head over here to check out everything you can expect.


Thrifty Thursday Blog Hop: I Was Selected to Be The Co-Host This Week!

I am very pleased to have been selected to co-host this week's Thrifty Thursday Blog Hop at I Give U Get Giveaways!

All types of blogs are welcome to participate in the blog hop. Once you have added your link, hop around to other blogs of interest. This is not mandatory but it is sort of the point of a blog hop!
One blog will be randomly choosen by to co-host next weeks Thrifty Thursday Blog Hop!  (That's how I was chosen this week, so link up for your chance!!!)

The rules are: 
---Family friendly blogs only
---Only link to your homepage not a giveaway or anything else!
---Follow your hosts I Give U Get Giveaways and Saving Myself Silly on Google Friend Connect


Survey Site:

I wanted to tell you about another survey site today:  This site sends me frequent survey opportunities for which I can earn points.  They have an extensive reward marketplace that includes many options for point redemption.  

I have even been sent full sized product samples to test!

You certainly won't get rich, but if you want to spend some of your spare time earning some nice free rewards for giving your honest opinion, you can sign up here!


FREE Tote Bag *Just Pay Shipping*

I told you on Monday that Vistaprint was offering a FREE item each day this week (you pay shipping).  I did not post yesterday's because I did not think that it was a great value, but today's I certainly do!

I never did get around to making my FREE T-shirt on Monday, but I'm already working on today's offer of a FREE tote bag!

This is what I have so far, but its kind of blurry because it is a low resolution file (one I saved from facebook because I can't locate my original!):
What do you guys think?  

I haven't placed my order yet because I don't want a blurry bag!  If I can't find the file, I may switch it out to a picture of my girls! ;)

There are also a ton of pre-made designs that you can choose from, and shipping starts at just $4.41!

Make sure you don't miss out!  This offer is valid 6/29 only!  Go make your's now!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Coupons From Kellogg's: Last Chance

If you haven't signed up yet to get these free coupons from Kellogg's, do so right away!  They will be gone at the end of the month!


FREE Contacts and $2 Off Solution

The FREE Trial offer for Bausch & Lomb PureVision HD is back:

Bausch & Lomb

Also, you can get a $2/1 coupon for Renu contact solution:

Bausch & Lomb Renu

Click the images above to be taken to the offers.


New Coupons And End Of The Month Reminder

This morning I noticed a couple coupons that I had not seen before on

$0.75 off any one package of Keebler Granola Fudge Bars  (I've never heard of these, but I'm intrigued!)

Also, I just wanted to remind you all that the end of the month is drawing near, so if you see any coupons you wish to print, do so now before they disappear!


Monday, June 27, 2011

Free Sample of Honey Nut Cheerios and $0.75 off Coupon By Mail

Go here to request you free sample of Honey Nut Cheerios by mail.  The sample comes with a $0.75/1 coupon.

Quantities are limited and your sample should arrive in 6-8 weeks.


Hurry: Groupon--$24 For State Inspection & Car Wash (Rockwall)

I was a little behind checking my emails after being sick, so I just noticed this deal!  It is a Groupon from yesterday for a State Inspection (normally $35) and Car Wash for only $24 at Rockwall Ford.

You have only 8 and half more hours to buy it (ending at midnight tonight), and it is valid only until August 31.

This is another one of those things that can save you money on stuff you were going to have to pay for anyway, so if you will have to get your car inspected in the next few months, and you live near Rockwall, grab it while you still can!

Once you register, or sign in, make sure you are under Dallas, and then click on "All Deals" at the top.  For me it was the first one listed.

I think my husband's Jeep needs to be inspected in July, so I may be purchasing one when he gets home.


Plum District: Refer 3 Friends, Earn a FREE $20 Trader Joe Gift Card

Right now, Plum District is offering FREE $20 Trader Joe's Gift Card to anyone who refers 3 friends.

Plum District is a Daily Deal site with offers similar to Groupon.

Your friends will need to connect with their facebook account for the referrals to count.

If you have not signed up yet, go here and register, and then click on the button that says "Get Yours" and begin referring friends.  They will ask only for your mailing address.

Here are the rules:

  • Limited quantities available 
  • Trader Joe's gift cards will be mailed within 10 business days of deal closing
  • Your referrals must be new and unique Plum District users to count towards your ability to earn Plum Rewards 
  • You may not refer yourself 
  • New users must sign up using Facebook Connect and have 25 or more Facebook friends to count towards your Rewards total 
  • Your referrals must sign up through your unique invitation for this specific Plum Reward (presented during checkout) and sign up using Facebook Connect to count towards your ability to earn this Plum Reward. Referrals who sign up through other any other referral method — including those who sign up while the Plum Reward opportunity is available — and/or do not use Facebook Connect will not count towards your Plum Rewards total. 
  • All referrals are subject to verification
  • Limit 1 per person
  • Limit 1 per household
  • Gift cards are subject to all applicable state and federal laws
  • Expires 01/01/50


Free Custom T-Shirt from Vistaprint *Just Pay Shipping*

I do not normally post about *free* stuff that requires you to pay shipping, but I've decided to make an exception on this one.  Vistaprint is having special sales everyday this week, and each day there will be something available for free!

Today's sale is a FREE T-shirt (shipping starts at just $4.41).  You can personalize it with a family photo, and there are over 36 designs to choose from.  

They are advertising it as a special treat for your children who will be going away to camp this summer, but they have many options available to advertise your business/event as well.

I'm contemplating ordering one with my blog logo, or possibly a belated Father's Day gift for my husband.

Let me know if you get one, and what design you chose!


Friday, June 24, 2011

Some FREE Weekend Entertainment

Sometimes at the end of a long week, all you want to do is relax and do something fun.  I like to play free internet games sometimes at the end of a long day.

I thought I would share a couple fun FREE games with you guys:

I got a high score of 4618 on this one! Who can beat that?

I remember watching this show with my grandmother all the time!

These are both played on the Game Show Network website.  You can play for free, or you can choose to play for cash (I always play for free).

Have fun!  And have a great weekend!


New Coupon: Sargento Natural Blends has a new coupon for $0.75/1 Sargento Natural Blends Slice or Snack cheese  (it was on page 3 for me).  This one will go fast, so hurry and print it now if you want it, and then watch for a sale to match it with.

I didn't see any advertised near me this week, but if it's on sale near you, let us know where!


Sunday Coupon Preview 6/26

Sunday's newspaper should have two coupon inserts, and SmartSource and a RedPlum.

I think the coupon I am most excited about is $0.50/1  Original Cheerios.

Others include Carefree, Colgate, Dove, and several brands for pets.

Check out everything you can expect.


Facebook Frugal Flyby: Find Some Great Frugal Blogs To Follow

A few of my new blogging buddies have teamed up and put together the Facebook Frugal Flyby.  It is open for frugal bloggers to link up, and trade "likes" with each other on facebook, so if you have a blog, go link it up!

If you don't have a blog, but are always looking for great deals, go check out some of these great blogs.  The links should take you straight to their facebook walls so you can like them and have their deals show up right in your newsfeed.


Shopping Trip 6/24: Groceries and a Garage Sale

Friday's have been my shopping day lately, and also library day, so since my husband didn't have summer school today I planned to go out with my older girl to the library and hit a couple stores, but she woke up with the virus her sister has been fighting since Tuesday night.  I ended up shopping by myself and had a really good outing.

Pay day isn't until tomorrow, so when I left the house I had $24 and a bunch of change in my purse.  My first stop was going to be the library, where I had to pay a fine of $1.20 for a few 1 day overdue books (because I had forgotten he went on a Thursday a few weeks back).  On the way out though, I found a garage sale just around the corner from my house.  I stopped because I have been in search of some pants in my husband's size.  Instead, I found clothes in my oldest daughter's size that were in great shape and priced at $0.25 each (even dress-up clothes).

Here's what I left the garage sale with for $2.50 total:

From there I went to the library, and then on to Kroger.  We will be going on vacation next Friday to visit some family, so I've been shopping with this long car trip in mind.  I was mainly going to Kroger for the Goldfish crackers for car snack.  We were also out of frozen veggies, and they had them on sale for $0.88, which is cheaper than Aldi ($0.95) so I grabbed a few to get us through the week until we leave.  Plus, I just love raspberries. ;)

Total Shelf Price:  $23.58
Total Sale Price:   $11.52    --Already  51% Savings
Price Paid After Coupons:   $8.42        64% Savings

After this I went to Albertsons.  They had some AWESOME sale prices this week.  I probably could have found more things to get, but I only had time to throw my trip together quickly last night.  

Here is what I got (the limit on the Jello was 2, but I forgot and picked up 4.  She voided two off and offered for me to go to customer service and buy the other two there in a separate transaction, so I took her up on that!):
Total Shelf Price:  $41.87
Total Sale Price:   $16.32   --Already  61% Savings
Price Paid After Coupons:  $5.87     86% Savings

By this time, it was already 1:15 and I was starving and my family had already had lunch.  I decided to grab a burger and a Diet Coke from Sonic, and just that cost me $3.98.  I sat there waiting for my lunch thinking about how I could feed my whole family dinner for less than that!  I felt guilty, but sometimes you just need a break and a small splurge.

Even after all of this, I came home with 3 $1 bills in my purse.  Tomorrow will be pay day, and I will have some more shopping to do at Aldi, but I didn't think that was too bad for today!

How did your shopping go this week?  I'd love to hear about it.


Free Sample of Glad ForceFlex With Febreeze From VocalPoint


Vocalpoint has another great offer available this morning.  It is a free sample of Glad ForceFlex with Febreeze.  Log into your Vocalpoint account to request your's now (its running a little slow).

If you have not signed up for Vocalpoint, be sure to do so!  They constantly have new offers for FREE samples and coupons from great brands.  They are one of my favorite communities to belong to.


$2 Off Purina Puppy Chow And More

Purina Puppy Chow

Purina wants to make sure you know everything you need to know to take care of your new puppy.  For this reason, they have created the Healthy Start Program.  Sign up now and you will get a coupon for $2/1 bag of Purina Puppy Chow.  Also, you will get age-specific email tips on how to care for your puppy.

My puppy has just reached "adulthood", so I'm on the lookout for programs like this for adult dogs, but if any of you have a puppy, or will soon be getting a puppy, register now to get your free coupon.  Dog food is expensive!  (I know, I need to go buy some now!  LOL)


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Reminder: Friday's Are Mega SwagBucks Days!


I wanted to remind everyone that tomorrow, and every Friday is Mega Swagbucks day.  Swagbucks is a very easy to use Search and Win site.  

I think the trick to winning lots of swagbucks is to never use your bookmarks.  I cannot tell you how many swagbucks I have won searching for "facebook" or "gmail".  

If you are a member, remember to do your searches through Swagbucks always, but especially on Fridays, when you can win larger amounts of Swagbucks from a single search.

If you are not already a member, sign up here and start winning now!  Now you certainly won't win on every search, but just keep at it and they will start to add up in no time.  Plus you get 30 FREE just for signing up!

I have not made it over to the site to redeem mine yet for this month, but I have over $15 of Amazon money sitting there waiting to be requested!

Swagbucks is going to buy my kids Christmas presents again this year! =)


Reminder: Let Your Kids Play Online Learning Games For Free

Sign up here to let your child play some free learning games online.  Kabongo has a cute TreeHouse village to explore and play games in, and your child gets to customize the look of his/her character.  

My daughter had a great time picking out her character's look.  There is a whole map you can explore with different games at every stop.  As they play the games they can earn prizes to decorate their treehouse.  It's very cute, and seems easy enough that my 5 year old will be able to play mostly unassisted.  There are large blinking arrows to point the way, and a character at each location to speak the directions.  We have not played all the games yet, but so far there has not been any reading necessary, so even though it says ages 4-7 I think younger ones would enjoy it to.  They may have to point at things and let you operate the mouse for them.   

There is a paid option with extra games, but you do not need to purchase that to play.  There are plenty of free games available.  There is a double email opt in to sign up, meaning you have to go click the link in the email they send you in order to play.  You also have the option of connecting it to your facebook account.

My daughter was really enjoying herself until I made her stop so I could finish up this post. ;)   I hope this is something your kids can enjoy, too.


Reader Trip: Jamie Saved 85%

My friend Jamie messaged me on facebook last night because she was sooo excited about her recent shopping trip to Albertons and Dollar General, she just had to share.

I thought she did an outstanding job, so I asked if I could share her trip with all of you.

Here is everything she got:

From Albertsons:
12 boxes of cereal 
4 boxes of gushers
4 boxes of fruit by the foot
4 boxes fruit snacks variety pack 
4 bags of chex mix

From Dollar General
1 20 oz coke (not pictured)
4 snickers bars (no coupon for those)
1 Lysol, no touch soap dispenser

Her shelf price total was: $172.61
Her total (with special sales) before coupons was: $127.71
Her total paid after sale price and coupons was: $26.78

That's a savings of 85%!!    I think Jamie's already a pro, how about you?

Here's what she had to say:  "I hope i can also inspire someone to begin couponing. I had been watching your posts for several months before I decided to try it, and I'm so glad I did, but now I'm hooked!"

I also hope that this can encourage anyone who is still undecided about getting start.  It's really not as hard as it looks!

Leave Jamie a comment and encourage her to keep up the great work!

Read more... New Code 80% Off

I love!  It's a great way to save money on dining already, but when they have these discount codes, it gets even better! 

Right now you can use the code SUMMER to get 80% off!  That means you can snag a $25 certificate for only $2.  Snag a few now, and you are all set for your summer dining!

If you will be travelling, be sure to check for restaurants in the location you are headed.  Sometimes the lesser know places are the most delicious! =)


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Best Deals 6/22-6/28:

Here are the rest of the best deals I see for this week, listed by store. If you are already shopping at a particular store, consider picking up a few of these items that are at rock bottom prices:

If you are shopping at Aldi:
There are several summer themed items with even lower prices this week:  condiments, cookies, ice cream cones, etc.  If you need these things, and have no coupons, check Aldi!

If you are shopping at El Rio Grande:
Parade Tomato Sauce  8 for $1 (limit 8 w/ $10 purchase)  --This is the lowest I've ever seen these!
Maruchan Instant Lunch  8 for $1  (limit 8 w/ $10 purchase)  My husband will give these out to kids that have no lunch at his school.  Not the most nutritious, but its something!
Parade Rice 4lbs  $1.79
Bar-S Franks     $0.79 each

If you are shopping at El Rancho:
30 ct. Medium Eggs  $0.98  (limit 1 w/ $10 purchase)
Parade Sweet Corn 15.25 oz  4 for $1  (limit 4 w/ $10 purchase)
4lb. Rice   $1.88

If you are shopping at Fiesta:
2lb. Rice  $0.99
Fiesta Ketchup  24oz  $0.69
Crystal Farms String Cheese Singles  5 for $1

If you are shopping at Minyard:
Tomato Sauce  4 for $0.88
Paper Towels  2 for $1
4 Roll Toilet Tissue  $1
12 pack Parade Soft Drinks  $1.87
Colortex 24 Regular/12 Double Rolls TP  $3.99

If you are shopping at Tom Thumb:
Kraft Salad Dressing  $1.49  Use $1/2 from 6/19 SS = $0.99 each
Fresh Express Bagged Salads  $0.99  Use $1/1 printable if you got it--no longer available--and if it isn't expired--someone let us know.  I used mine already. =(  Makes it FREE!

If you are shopping at Albertsons:
Kraft Homestyle  $0.88 (limit 5)  Use $0.50/1 Printable (doubles)  = FREE -$0.12 moneymaker
Jello Temptations $0.99 (limit 2)  Use $0.55/1 from 6/19 SS or use $0.75/1 printable =  $0.24- $0.44 each
Philadelphia Cooking Creme $1.99 (limit 2)  Use $1/1 from 6/5 SS or $1/1 printable (if you got it)  =$0.99 each
Nesquik Syrup  $1.50  Use $0.50/1 from 6/5 RP (doubles)  =  $0.50 each

If you are shopping at Kroger:
Goldfish Crackers  $1  Use $0.55/2 printable (currently available) = $0.73 each  *i have some $0.35/1 and $0.75/2 from a previous promotion that aren't yet expired so check yours.

I'm sure I've missed a few things, since its almost midnight and my eyes are crossing, so if you know of any thing I haven't listed above, feel free to leave a comment!

I'm going to be shopping this week with my mind on our upcoming travels.  I'm on the lookout for travel snacks and things of that nature.

Also, I need to stock backup on kitty litter.  Who has Tidy Cats on sale? ;)


New Deal Site: Deal Nation

I came across this new site today as well.  Deal Nation is not a daily deal site, like the other daily deals sites, such as Groupon, etc.  What this site does is gather up info for your city from all of the daily deal sites out there (which, quite honestly, is growing in number daily!  I can't keep up), and consolidates them all on a single page. 

 Right now, it is available for the following metro areas:  San Diego, Denver, NYC, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago and San Francisco.  Don't let this stop you from registering, though.  I was able to sign up for Dallas, so it is certainly in the works, as well as many other locations, no doubt.  

I really like this idea because I get sooo many emails from all of the sites.  If they all come in a single email, this could really help clean up my inbox!

What about you?  Do you get tons of emails from all of these sites?


FREE Recipes, Savings, and Samples in Your Inbox

You guys know I've been talking about how I NEED some new recipes around here, so I was very excited to come across this site:

I have just signed up or this weekly email newsletter, and I wanted to share it with you all as well.  I am especially intrigued by the promise of samples and savings!  I can't wait to begin getting my newsletters, and hopefully I will discover some new favorites for my family.

Here is the email I got right away:

Thank you for registering with Recipe Mom!

By signing up for our weekly e-mail, you will have access to budget-friendly, quick, and easy meals for your family to enjoy! Not only are these fun recipes tasty, but they will provide you with some cooking tips and tricks to apply to all your meals.

Additionally, you will receive special access to our exclusive offers, savings and free samples!

Recipe Mom

If you are interested, sign up here.  After you input your information, there will be a few screens of extra offers.  Feel free to select any that you are interested in, but there is a "pass" button available if you do not wish to sign up.  

Also, on the last screen there is a big blinking box that would like your cell phone number, with no information as to why.  I do not trust this box.  There is a barely visible "pass" button in the top tight corner.  Please click that button and do not input your phone number.  Please.  My mother made a similar mistake and began getting monthly charges of $9.95 on her cell phone bill.

I hate when they make you dodge all these obstacles to get to the nice free offers, but I guess that is how they keep them free! =)


Free Summer Crafts For Kids E-Book And More


I just came across this free eBook full of summer themed craft ideas for kids, and I wanted share it with you guys.

I am sooooo not the creative type, but my kits love to do arts and crafts.  Also, it has been soooo hot or them to play outside too much, so I think this will be a great help on those scorching afternoons when they are stir crazy.  I can't wait to try some out.

There are a few more FREE eBooks available that may be of interest to you as well:



Produce Deals 6/22-6/28

Here are the best produce prices I see this week for the Dallas Area:

Cantaloupe  $0.79 each
Plums   $0.25 each
Nectarines  $0.25 each
Peaches  $0.29 each
Strawberries  $0.99 each 1 lb. package

El Rio Grande:
Large Green Limes   25 for $1
Round Tomatoes  3 lbs. for $1
White Onions   5 lbs. for $1
Jalapeno   $0.59/lb
Mango Bola  2 for $1
Red Grapes  $1.49/lb
Cantaloupe  $1.79 each
Mexican Squash  $0.69/lb
Nectarines   $0.99/lb
Poblano Peppers  $0.99/lb
Red Plums  $0.89/lb
Carrots (1lb bag)  2 for $1  *Thursday Only
Green Cabbage  4 lbs. for $1  *Thursday Only

El Rancho:
Roma Tomatoes   3 lbs. for $1
Atualfo Mangoes  6 for $1
Jalapeno   3 lbs. for $1
Lettuce  $0.88 each
Green Bell Peppers   3 for $0.98
White Onions   3 lbs. for $0.98
Cilantro  3 bunches for $0.88
Cucumbers   3 for $0.88
Key Limes  $0.98 for 2lb bag
Cantaloupe $0.98 each
Plums (red or black)  $0.88/lb.
Yellow Peaches   $0.68/lb

Roma Tomatoes   $0.59/lb
Peaches/ Nectarines  $0.99/lb
Cantaloupe  $0.99 each
Spinach  $0.99/ bunch
Key Limes  $0.99/ 2lb bag.
Celery   $0.99 each
Green Leaf/Red Tip/Romaine Lettuce  $0.99 each
Russet Potatoes  $1.88/ 5 lb. bag.

Valencia Oranges   10 for $1
Cantaloupe   $0.99 each
Red/Golden Delicious Apples  4 for $1
Cucumbers/Bell Peppers  3 for $1
Watermelon  $3.99 each
Corn  2 for $1
Celery  $0.99 each
Lemons  4 for $1
Green Beans  $0.99/lb
Green Cabbage  $0.47/lb
Turnip/Collard/Mustard Greens  $0.88/bunch

Tom Thumb:
Red/Green Seedless Grapes  $0.99/lb
Yellow Peaches      $0.99/lb
Roma Tomatoes     $0.99/lb
Fresh Express Salads  $0.99 each (select varieties)
Corn 2 for $1
Blueberries  2 lb for $5 (Friday Only)

Corn 10 for $3
Yellow Squash/Zucchini  $1.29/lb
Limes 6 for $1
Plums  $1.69/lb
Peaches   $0.99/lb
Watermelon (whole/tubs)  $2.99 each
Blueberries  18 oz  $2.99 each

Driscoll's Raspberries  6oz   $1  Use $0.50 printable (doubles) =FREE *Email sign up (sadly I've gotten mine already)
Red/Yellow/Orange Bell Peppers  4 for $5
English Cucumber   4 for $5
Jumbo Mangoes   $1
Pineapple BOGO @$3.99 for first
Zucchini/Yellow Squash  $1.00/lb
Red Seedless Grapes  $1.49/lb

If you are already planning to go to Wal-Mart, they do price match produce.


Meat Deals 6/22-6/28

Here are the best meat prices I see this week for the Dallas area:

El Rio Grande:
Shoulder Steak   $1.99/lb
Chicken Wings   $1.00/lb
Pork End Chops  $1.00/lb
Marinated Chicken Fajita Meat  $1.00/lb
90% Lean Ground Beef  $1.99/lb
Chicken Drumsticks   $0.99/lb

El Rancho:
Beef Inside Round Steak   $1.98/lb
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast   $1.00/lb
Pork Ham (Fresh Whole)  $1.00/lb
Boneless Catfish Fillets   $2.99/lb.
Large Headless Shrimp  $3.69/lb
Beef Boneless Stew Meat  $2.89/lb
Boneless Pork Stew Meat  $1.79
Chicken Leg Quarters Sold in 10lb bag for $6.99
Chicken Thighs  $0.98/lb

Fryer Leg Quarters   $0.59/lb (Jumbo Bag)  Limit 2 w/ $10 purchase
Bottom Round Steak   $1.88/lb  Limit 2 w/ $10 purchase
Beef Rib Steak  $3.99/lb
Beef Stew Meat  $2.89/lb
Pork Sirloin Chops  $1.19/lb Limit 2 w/ $10 purchase.
Pork Steaks  $1.99/lb

New York Strips   $3.99/lb
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast  $1.59/lb
Blade, Rib Pork Chops  $1.59/lb
Bone-In Country Style Pork Ribs  $1.69/lb
Bone-In Split Chicken Breasts   $1.29/lb

Tom Thumb:
Boneless Beef Round Roast  $1.99/lb
Chicken Thighs, Drumsticks, Leg Quarters   $0.88/lb

Brisket  (whole in bag)   $1.49/lb
Assorted Pork Loin Chops  $1.49/lb
Hormel Always Tender Pork Tenderloin or Filet  $5.99 each  Use $1/1 Printable = $4.99
Catfish Nuggets   $1.99/lb
Thick Sliced Bacon  $3.99/lb
Boneless Top Sirloin  $2.97/lb
Sugardale Hams  Shank Portions  $1.49/lb

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast, Tenderloins, Thighs  $1.49/lb
Chicken Leg Quarters  $0.59/lb  sold in 10lb bags for $5.90

Where will you be shopping this week?  I just used up the last of my chicken breasts, so I think a trip to El Rancho may be in order, although we are leaving town in a little over a week, so I want to try to use up some stuff we have.  Hmmm...decisions, decisions.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Neilsen Homescan Panel Openings

Neilsen Homescan Consumer Panel has more openings and needs, well, consumers.  Do you shop?  Well, then that would be you!

They are really interested in seeing what people are buying, for market research purposes.  They will send you a scanner.  You scan what you bring home from the store.  Usually this is as easy as scanning the bottom of your receipt.  You earn rewards for doing this.  

I just signed up and hope I get picked.  I'm hearing that certain states are filled up, so if you try and it tells you that, then let us know where you are.  I'm in Texas, and my application went through.

If you want to give it a try, here's the application.


Introducing: My New Site...

Do you guys notice anything different around here?  Most likely not, because everything still looks pretty much the same.

However, if you will check out that little search bar up at the top, you will notice that I am no longer at my blogspot address.

My new web address is now:

I am still using blogger for the time being, and my old address ( should be redirecting to my new site, so you should not have any issues finding me if you type in my old address.

Please let me know if you cannot load my site, or if you suddenly stop getting my emails, as I may need to still work out some kinks that I've yet to think about.

I am very excited about this!  It should make finding me much easier (I never did like all those hyphens!), and it will certainly make it a lot easier on me when people ask me what my website is!

If any of you out there blog and have a blogspot address, and are thinking of getting your own domain, my new friend Heather at Freebies, Sweeps, and Deals wrote this very simple post that helped me and my computer illiterate self get through it.

Now, I'm wanting to give my site a new look, but I'm not sure I'm quite brave enough to take that on at the moment. ;)

Hope you all have a great night, and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know if you find that anything is not working right.


New Coupons: Newman's Own, Sara Lee, and More

I just noticed a few new coupons available at

$1.00 off 1 Hormel Always Tender Product  (print and look for meat markdowns!!)


Free Reading Games For Kids

Sign up here to let your child play some free learning games online.  Kabongo has a cute TreeHouse village to explore and play games in, and your child gets to customize the look of his/her character.  

I haven't let my daughter play it yet (I just found it and wanted to share it right away), but I think she is going to have sooo much fun.  

There is a paid option with extra games, but you do not need to purchase that to play.  There are free games available.  There is a double email opt in to sign up, meaning you have to go click the link in the email they send you in order to play.  You also have the option of connecting it to your facebook account.

Hope you kids like this as much as I'm sure mine will!


FREE Disney Parks Vacation Planning DVD

Disney Parks

I posted last week about checking out vacation options to plan for someday.  Well here is another great offer that would fall into that category.  I'm sure anybody with kids would love to be able to take them to Disney, but sometimes it seems like it's hard enough to take them to the local zoo!

If Disney is on your "someday I'd love to go there list" like it is mine, there go request your free vacation planning DVD so you can get an idea of what options are available to begin saving up for it!


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