Thursday, June 23, 2011

Reminder: Friday's Are Mega SwagBucks Days!


I wanted to remind everyone that tomorrow, and every Friday is Mega Swagbucks day.  Swagbucks is a very easy to use Search and Win site.  

I think the trick to winning lots of swagbucks is to never use your bookmarks.  I cannot tell you how many swagbucks I have won searching for "facebook" or "gmail".  

If you are a member, remember to do your searches through Swagbucks always, but especially on Fridays, when you can win larger amounts of Swagbucks from a single search.

If you are not already a member, sign up here and start winning now!  Now you certainly won't win on every search, but just keep at it and they will start to add up in no time.  Plus you get 30 FREE just for signing up!

I have not made it over to the site to redeem mine yet for this month, but I have over $15 of Amazon money sitting there waiting to be requested!

Swagbucks is going to buy my kids Christmas presents again this year! =)


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