Thursday, June 23, 2011

Reminder: Let Your Kids Play Online Learning Games For Free

Sign up here to let your child play some free learning games online.  Kabongo has a cute TreeHouse village to explore and play games in, and your child gets to customize the look of his/her character.  

My daughter had a great time picking out her character's look.  There is a whole map you can explore with different games at every stop.  As they play the games they can earn prizes to decorate their treehouse.  It's very cute, and seems easy enough that my 5 year old will be able to play mostly unassisted.  There are large blinking arrows to point the way, and a character at each location to speak the directions.  We have not played all the games yet, but so far there has not been any reading necessary, so even though it says ages 4-7 I think younger ones would enjoy it to.  They may have to point at things and let you operate the mouse for them.   

There is a paid option with extra games, but you do not need to purchase that to play.  There are plenty of free games available.  There is a double email opt in to sign up, meaning you have to go click the link in the email they send you in order to play.  You also have the option of connecting it to your facebook account.

My daughter was really enjoying herself until I made her stop so I could finish up this post. ;)   I hope this is something your kids can enjoy, too.


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