Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Best Deals 6/22-6/28:

Here are the rest of the best deals I see for this week, listed by store. If you are already shopping at a particular store, consider picking up a few of these items that are at rock bottom prices:

If you are shopping at Aldi:
There are several summer themed items with even lower prices this week:  condiments, cookies, ice cream cones, etc.  If you need these things, and have no coupons, check Aldi!

If you are shopping at El Rio Grande:
Parade Tomato Sauce  8 for $1 (limit 8 w/ $10 purchase)  --This is the lowest I've ever seen these!
Maruchan Instant Lunch  8 for $1  (limit 8 w/ $10 purchase)  My husband will give these out to kids that have no lunch at his school.  Not the most nutritious, but its something!
Parade Rice 4lbs  $1.79
Bar-S Franks     $0.79 each

If you are shopping at El Rancho:
30 ct. Medium Eggs  $0.98  (limit 1 w/ $10 purchase)
Parade Sweet Corn 15.25 oz  4 for $1  (limit 4 w/ $10 purchase)
4lb. Rice   $1.88

If you are shopping at Fiesta:
2lb. Rice  $0.99
Fiesta Ketchup  24oz  $0.69
Crystal Farms String Cheese Singles  5 for $1

If you are shopping at Minyard:
Tomato Sauce  4 for $0.88
Paper Towels  2 for $1
4 Roll Toilet Tissue  $1
12 pack Parade Soft Drinks  $1.87
Colortex 24 Regular/12 Double Rolls TP  $3.99

If you are shopping at Tom Thumb:
Kraft Salad Dressing  $1.49  Use $1/2 from 6/19 SS = $0.99 each
Fresh Express Bagged Salads  $0.99  Use $1/1 printable if you got it--no longer available--and if it isn't expired--someone let us know.  I used mine already. =(  Makes it FREE!

If you are shopping at Albertsons:
Kraft Homestyle  $0.88 (limit 5)  Use $0.50/1 Printable (doubles)  = FREE -$0.12 moneymaker
Jello Temptations $0.99 (limit 2)  Use $0.55/1 from 6/19 SS or use $0.75/1 printable =  $0.24- $0.44 each
Philadelphia Cooking Creme $1.99 (limit 2)  Use $1/1 from 6/5 SS or $1/1 printable (if you got it)  =$0.99 each
Nesquik Syrup  $1.50  Use $0.50/1 from 6/5 RP (doubles)  =  $0.50 each

If you are shopping at Kroger:
Goldfish Crackers  $1  Use $0.55/2 printable (currently available) = $0.73 each  *i have some $0.35/1 and $0.75/2 from a previous promotion that aren't yet expired so check yours.

I'm sure I've missed a few things, since its almost midnight and my eyes are crossing, so if you know of any thing I haven't listed above, feel free to leave a comment!

I'm going to be shopping this week with my mind on our upcoming travels.  I'm on the lookout for travel snacks and things of that nature.

Also, I need to stock backup on kitty litter.  Who has Tidy Cats on sale? ;)


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