Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Aldi Deals for 4/7-4/13

Gallon of Milk    $1.79
Bananas             $0.39/lb.
Cantaloupe         $0.99/each
Strawberries       $0.99/lb.
Pears                  $0.79/pack (does not say how many a pack contains)
Grapefruit           $0.29/each 

We dont each eat nearly enough produce because it costs so much, so that's one reason why I am super excited that these new stores have opened in the Dallas area.  They keep their prices down by selling non-name brand items and more local items, and by not advertising very much.  You can read about my most recent Aldi trip here.

When you go to Aldi, be sure to bring your own shopping bags (or you can purchase the disposable bag of your choice for a small fee).  Also, bring a quarter with you if you want to use a shopping cart.  The quarter unlocks the cart and stays in the cart as long as you use it.  When you lock it back in place, you get your quarter back.  I really like the system, and it saves them from having to chase carts across the parking lot.


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