Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Get a Few Free Samples of Your Own

Under the Free Samples Tab up top I have listed several places that keep an updated listing of free samples.  I will try to post reminders to check these sites periodically, but they will always be up there for reference so you can check to see if there is anything new.  I will make a new blog post whenever I find anything new listed.

One of the sites that always has a rotating selection of free samples is  The link should take you directly to their free samples page.  Sign up to receive as many of them as you want.  These come pretty quickly, usually.  My dog food sample I got today was from, and I requested it just a few weeks ago.

Another good source recently for free product samples has been Facebook.  If you have a facebook page, look up your favorite product brands and become their fan.  The Ritz sample I received today was given out on facebook.  I have also recieved many coupons both to print and by mail through facebook fan pages.

So there you have a couple of places to get you started receiving free samples in your own mailbox.  I will post more later on, but if you want more now, click on the Free Samples link at the top of the page, or do an internet search for free samples.  You will likely find some page listings that I have missed.  If you do, let me know so I can add it to the list. =)


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