Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Kroger Trip and a Few Good Deals This Week

I went to Kroger with my sniffly, sneezing kids today.  When I heard they were having a 10 for $10 sale I was pretty excited, but when I got the ad yesterday I saw that it was for mostly store brand stuff.  No coupons for that =(  Still there were a few things that I did not want to pass up, and a few things that I desperately needed.  Here is what I came home with:

Shelf Price:  $32.21
Sale Price:  $24.98
After Coupons:  $8.63
Total Savings:  73%

Deals I got:
  • Yoplait Greek Yogurt   $1    use $0.30 off 1 cup coupon printable or from the 3/28 SS insert.  Will triple to take off $0.90 total.  Bottom line:  $0.10/cup.
  • Country Crock  $1  use $0.40/1 printable that I told you about here (doubles, so deduct $0.80 cents=$0.20/tub). Also, I used two $0.30/1 from the 3/07 RP that tripled, so those were only $0.10.
  • Purex Detergent on sale $2.50.  I used the $0.35/1 that came in this past Sunday's paper, which tripled to deduct $1.05 so I paid $1.45 for the bottle.
  • The Snuggle was not advertised on sale, but it was $3.89 for 80 sheets.  I used the $3/1 from the 3/28 RP insert to get it for just $0.89.

A few things to note: 
  • The only 10 for $10 items I bought were the Yoplait Greek yogurt and the Country Crock butter.  Notice I only got 9 items total.  You do not need to buy in multiples of 10 to take advantage of these sales.  Each individual item will ring up for $1. 
  • I had *heard* that there was a catalina deal where you would get back a $1.50 off your next purchase coupon if you bought $10 worth of Yoplait yogurt.  Maybe only certain varieties of the Yoplait work for this deal, but I got no $1.50 coupon.  It's ok, I was going to buy yogurt anyway, and I had coupons for it all. =)  PLUS**Even though I used a paper coupon for the large tub of yogurt, my Cellfire e-coupon still came off.  I had heard that they stopped doing this at Kroger.  Perhaps this varies by region??
  • I went into the store with a $3 off catalina coupon that was about to expire from buying Betty Crocker Potatoes a few weeks ago, so that lowered my out of pocket expense a little bit.
  • To save on stuff I NEED when the brand name items are not on sale, or I do not have coupons, I will usually grab the store brand of the item I need.  You can see I got Kroger brand bread, aluminum foil, and decaf iced tea.
Please let me know if there are any other great Kroger deals that you see for this week.


Thankfully Thrifty April 30, 2010 at 8:34 PM  

So I have no idea how it is that I never made it to see your loot! Haha. Oh well. Better late than never right? You certainly got some great deals!! Our trips do look similar! ;)

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