Friday, April 9, 2010

Today's Shopping Trip

I was not overly exicted when I received the grocery ads in my mailbox Tuesday morning.  For the second week in a row, the sale prices seemed a bit, well, not really on sale.  But, when I was sorting through my coupons I found something that disturbed me.  I had $6 worth of Kroger catalina coupons that were expiring on 4/09.  Why, that is today!  I would not be able to save my $6 until next week when there will hopefully be a more couponer friendly ad.  No, I must shop, and I must shop now!  I needed to get a few things like milk and bread, so I skimmed through the ad and found a few things that I wanted to buy, and pulled out a few coupons to bring with me.  I also decided that I would go to Tom Thumb and grab a few things also.  I have a $30 gift card for that store, since I transferred one of my husbands prescriptions there.  They had a few good things on sale, perhaps not the cheapest i had seen them, but pretty good.  I went there first, and grabbed what I needed and went to the register.  I handed her my coupons, paid and left, and then realized that I had not used my gift card.  Grrrrrr! 

These two trips today were not the best I've done by far, but they aren't too bad.  If you are new to using coupons, you can see that even when the sales are not very good, you can still get pretty good deals if you match the prices up with coupons.  Here is everything I got.  The total was $17.58.

Here are my purchases from Tom Thumb.  I spent $9.43 on this.  Shelf price was $23.31 for 60% savings.

Here is what I got from Kroger for just $8.15.  The Shelf price was $24.74 so I saved 68%


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