Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tom Thumb Deal, but not My Trip Yet =(

Well either the photo-uploader is having major issues tonight, or my computer is (quite likely...I fear it is slowly departing).  So I have not been able to get my picture of my Tom Thumb trip uploaded, but I wanted to tell you about something I noticed in the store while I was shopping, but did not have the coupons with me.

At the bottom of the ad this week on the front page, there is a buy 5 items and save $5 deal, which is what I went to take advantage of.  Well, it was not advertised that the Nature Valley Granola Bars were part of this deal, but in the store I saw signs that they were.  They are $1.50 each when you buy 5 of them.  I have not pulled my coupons out yet, but I KNOW that there are always .40/1 coupons.  Tom Thumb will double the first like coupon, so that will make for $0.80 off the first box, or $0.70 cents for that one.  The rest are redeemed at face value, so $1.10 each for the rest if you have 5 of those (hope I do!).  But even better is that there are e-coupons for these too at and  Those will work along with the paper coupons at Tom Thumb (sadly I hear this is no longer the case at Kroger *sniff*)  But that will give you even extra savings if you have those loaded on your card.  Those will vary by region and by person (if you've loaded them or used any yet). 

We love these things, so I am definately gathering up my coupons and going back for this.  We just finished up the last box from the last time they were on sale like this at Tom Thumb (I think I got 7 boxes), and I was hoping they would be on again soon.  I was sad to not see them featured in the ad, but I am so excited to find that they are on sale.  The ad lasts until Tuesday. 


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