Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Aldi Deals 5/26-6/1

Aldi has some great deals on produce starting tomorrow.  This makes me sad because I was just there yesterday.  But nothing says I can't go back. =)  Anyways, here is what they have advertised:

  • Sweet Corn                               $1.19/pk
  • Watermelon                               $2.99 each (the ones I saw yesterday were nice sized too)
  • Baking Potatoes                         $0.69/5lb. bag
  • Blueberries                                 $1.49/pint
  • 3lb. bag frozen chicken breasts   $5.49   (thats $1.83/lb)
  • 8ct. Hamburger/Hot Dog buns    $0.75 each

Not advertised, but the last two times I have been in there I have noticed a couple prices had dropped:  Milk has been $1.69/gallon, and eggs have been $0.75.dozen. (They were $1.79, and $0.89)  These both state on the package that they are hormone and steroid free, too!


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