Sunday, May 23, 2010

All You June Coupons

Ok, I know, I know.  I promised you these a while back.  Then I had houseguests for 2 weeks and I never got a chance to type them up.  Well, I still didn't type them up.  I found a list of all of them on their website.  This same list is on the back of the first page of every magazine, so if you happen to walk by them in Walmart, just stop and pick it up for a second and skim through the list to see what all is there.  It even lists page numbers where you can find them.

I think it's worth clicking over there just to check out the sheer number of coupons available in this magazine if you've never seen one before.  Plus their website is VERY helpful.  They have exclusive coupons, recipes, and many many helpful tips.  I plan on spending some time browsing through their recipes soon.  I need some new dinner ideas.


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