Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Daily Free Samples at AllYou.com..and Why I Love All You

All this month (and hopefully longer) there will be a new free sample featured each day at AllYou.com.  Click the link, and look on the right hand side of the page about midway down, and it will say Daily Free Sample.  Today you can request an Always pads sample pack from beinggirl.com.  I had apparently already requested this one before, so it wouldn't let me get another.  =( You can also click the calendar and go to the samples from the days that have already passed.  May 1 was Dove conditioner (I had gotten it already too, I believe from walmart.com), May 2 was a sample of Gas X Thin Strips, and May 3 was a pet safety kit from the ASPCA.

I am so excited to see what is coming.  These will link you to the sites that are offering the samples, so they may be samples that you already knew about and that are already on their way to your mailbox, but I'm hoping there will be some new ones.

If you guys do not know about this magazine, let me just say I LOVE IT!  It is full of high value coupons, and articles with all sorts of money saving tips for every aspect of your life.  I received a free trial issue in the past (and you can request one too, right from the website above--just click where it says free trial), and I must say I think that it is the only magazine I have ever actually READ from cover to cover because it was all so relevant to me.  Ok, well I may have skipped one part about designing a wardrobe for less, because lets face it...I'm doing good if I get dressed.

Now I admit that I did not jump up and subscribe to this magazine.  I wish I had, but I didn't.  In fact, the magazine totally slipped from my memory until I started reading blogs and hearing people talk about all the deals that they got with their All You coupons.  Then I remembered what a great magazine it was.  These are only sold at Walmart from what I understand, and I've been avoiding that place.  Also, I felt bad taking the whole year's subscription out of the budget at once. 

What I did was this:  I found out that subscriptions were sold through Amazon.com for the same price as they sold for on Allyou.com.  I saved up some Amazon gift certificates that I earned through swagbucks and used them to pay for my subscription.  I am currently impatiently awaiting my first issue.  They take a really long time (like 2 months) to start getting to you.  I'm hoping to get the June issue in my mailbox. 

When i do begin getting the magazine, I will let you all know what great coupons I find in it, incase you want to grab one while you are at Walmart, or order your own subscription.

Does anybody already read this magazine?  What great coupons or helpful articles have you found in it?


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