Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Tom Thumb Trip

Shelf Price:  $78.98
Sale Price:  $42.42 (before coupons)
Price Paid After Coupons:  $13.60
Savings of $83%

The best part is that I still had $10.87 left on my Tom Thumb card that I got over a month ago when I transfered a prescription to their pharmacy, so only $2.73 of this actually came out of my food budget for the month!! 

Everything that I have told you I purchased at Tom Thumb since my trip with the cereal has been bought with that card, as well as a trip my husband made that I did not tell you about.  He is a teacher (and a very nice guy) and whenever his coworkers have a birthday, he will bake them a cake.  He needed cake mix and frosting, so he went with my gift card and some coupons I had given him.  He checked out and paid with the gift card but forgot to use the coupons.  He took his purchase up to customer service (he says he was afraid I would have hurt him if he didn' and they scanned his receipt, scanned the coupons, handed him $4 cash and sent him on his way!  Quick and painless, and he came back home with more cash than he left with!

Oh, and if you were wondering why my picture looks quite a bit better than normal, its because when I got back home I had a hungry baby, so my husband arranged my items and photographed them for me while I nursed her, and he is quite the perfectionist. =)


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