Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cheap Printer Paper at Office Depot

As I was fishing through the sale ads this morning looking for coupons and whatnot, I sifted past the ad for Office Depot.  Normally, I wouldn't even glance at this ad, but today something caught my eye.  They had printer paper advertised for $1.97 per pack.  It is HP Office paper, 20lb weight and 92 brightness, that normally retails for over $6.  There is a limit of two per customer.   This is an awesome stock up price if you need some paper.  We were almost out, and the lower quality paper sells for $4 at Walmart.

My husband was out running some errands after church today while myself and my daughters were home napping, and he went by there and got two packs.  Then he walked next store to the 99cent store and bought a few things there (including Nestle Toll House Ultimates fudge filled cookie dough!!!).  Then he went back to Office Depot and got two more packs.  Gotta love him.  I've taught him well!


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