Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Target Trip 8/28

This is all the stuff I came home with today.  Total spent was $14.00  I was getting my husband's meds filled, and had a coupon to get a free $10 gift card with that, so the total is after I used the gift card.  The shelf price was over $75!!

I used alot of store coupons that I had printed about a month ago and they were expiring today.  (Included in those were $3 off a pair of Merona shoes, and I found a pair in my size clearanced for $4.37, so I paid only $1.37 for a nice pair of black leather sandals!)

The Ball Park hot dogs were $2.04, so after the $2 off facebook coupon I told you about, they were 4 cents each!  A friend also told me that she used her's at Wal-Mart, where they were on rollback for $2, making them free.  (Thanks, Tracy!)

I just got two new puppies, and they like to chew on everything!  So I dug out all of my dog treat coupons, many of which were BOGO, and I think I'm stocked up for a while.  They had no problems with me using a coupon for the item I was "buying" with the BOGO coupons either, so I got some great deals with those.  I paid less than $6 for all 9 packs of pet treats.  I also had BOGO coupons for the Stayfree pads and the Kikkoman.

I will also be submitting for two rebates, both for free items, not cash back.  The first is a Kikkoman rebate where you get one of three products free (a grilling brush, a grocery tote, or an apron-item chosen at random) when you buy 3 Kikkoman products.  Hurry!  This one must be purchased by August 31 and postmarked by September 15.  The second is a Band-Aid Rebate where you get a free first aid kit buy mail when you purchase 3 participating products (Neosporin and Purell also included).

So this is what I spent 2 1/2 child free hours on my Saturday morning doing.  How about you?


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