Saturday, August 21, 2010

Something New I'm Trying

I have been scouring the web lately in search of legitimate work at home opportunities that do not cost me money up front and do not involve me trying to convince anybody to buy anything.  You see, I'm just not the selling things to people type.  But the reason I've been looking is because my husband, who is a teacher, had an evening position teaching credit recovery classes through his school district last year.  Actually, he was let go from that position at the end of February, but started getting called in to sub, and was actually there every single night in April (he only worked two nights a week while he was on the payroll!).  The evening school has had to cut back on full time positions, so the one he thought would be opening up-the one he was considering accepting-is getting cut too.  It's not like he's getting fired, but we are unsure how we will manage on only his day salary.

All that being said, I still know that he will get called in to sub on occasion, but I know it would help if I were able to supplement our income.  However, we've decided that me getting a traditional job in the evenings would not be of any help to him, because then he would be babysitting and not able to make his lesson plans.  I also may not be able to keep up with my couponing and save us so much on groceries!  That could cost us more than I would be making.

Now I'm a former science teacher myself, and I plan on trying to get a few evening tutoring sessions.  But, I have been intrigued by some websites I have found recently where you can get paid to write articles.  Now, it is very possible that I'm just way behind the times and everyone knows about this sort of thing but me.  (If that is the case, please email me and let me know what has worked out best for you!)  If this is news to you, then maybe you might be interested in this, too, so I thought I would throw it out there.

I came across several different sites, all having varying degrees of sign up processes.  Some you must apply and submit writing samples to, and I intend to do so soon.  I found one, however, with a very simple sign up process, and no writing samples needed--although that is painfully apparent reading through some of them =(...

This site is called Helium.  You can go check it out, if you would like.  If you've not heard about it and would like to give it a try, I would appreciate if you would send me your email address.  I can send you an email request through their site, and that is the only way I can get credit for referrals.
The site works like this:  You search through existing topics, and you find one you would like to write about.  Write it in Word.  Paste it in the form and submit it.  If there are other articles in the same category, they will be asked to be rated at random by members.  The more articles you have and the higher ranking you have can earn you stars.  The more stars you have the more you can earn per article up front.  You also can earn ad revenue on page hits, and this is the thing I like most about it because this is an ongoing thing that requires no extra effort on your part.

Now, please understand that I am not yet in a position to recommend this as a good and worthwhile site, as I've only been using it for 4 days and I've only written 3 articles.  They have earned more and more ad revenue each day, and I've now got a grand total of 26 cents sitting in my account!  If I get a star by the day they count up payments, then I should get a small amount per article as well.  I will certainly keep you posted about it how it is going.

If you would like to check out my articles you can visit my profile page here.  There is one in particular that may be of interest to you all.  That one is about how to organize coupons.   This is a topic I've been wanting to post on here, but have lacked time.  There are 8 total articles in that category so you can look through some of them while you are there as well, if you are interested.  Everyone has different ideas, so you may learn lots of new things!

I'm not expecting very much from this, but I find it kind of fun, and who may pay off much better than I thought.

Have any of you ever worked from home?  What did you do and was it worth it?  Leave a comment, and a link if possible, so we can all learn about more opportunities that exist.


amber k August 25, 2010 at 9:12 PM  

I've read all your articles (and I may have chuckled at the FB game article, b/c of your addiction) :)
Great articles!

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