Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Aldi Produce Deals 9/22-9/28

Aldi has some really great deals going on this week:

1 Gallon Milk                      $0.99!!!!!
Avocados                           $0.35
3 Pack Multicolor Bell Peppers  $1.49   (red, yellow, and orange)
12 oz. Garden Salad            $0.49
Grape Tomatoes (10oz.)     $0.75
Yellow Onions                    $0.29/lb sold in 3lb. bags for $0.87 each
Whole Mushrooms (8oz.)   $0.59 each

I am definitely going to be stocking up on the peppers.  I like to slice them up in strips and freeze them.  Then they are ready to go for any recipe that needs them!  Besides fajitas, of course, I love to throw a few handfuls in with alfredo sauce recipes.  They add color and flavor!


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