Thursday, September 9, 2010

Another Survey Site That Has Paid Me: Survey Spot

SurveySpot is a survey site that I have been a member of for quite some time now.  For a while, I never took their surveys because all you ever got was a sweepstakes entry, but rarely a survey was worth a few dollars *IF* you qualified, and I hardly ever did.  However, they have recently switched over to a points system, and it seems like the surveys are much easier to qualify for.  They also paid by check in the past, but when I just logged in, I found that they have switched over to a paypal/e-voucher system, which is very easy to use.  I found that I had enough in my account to request a $10 Amazon certificate!  You certainly will not get rich doing this but they are fun and can make you a little spending money.  Sometimes they also offer product tests, which they may or may not tell you in the initial email (sometimes they are purposely vague about that sort of thing).  I just got an email from them this morning with the subject "Try Our Product."  I qualified, and will be getting two versions of a new lip care product by mail to try and take a survey about when I'm done.  I will also get points in my account.  It is a fun site to be a part of.  Them seem to send emails more frequently than other survey sites I am registered with, so you have more chances to qualify and earn points.

*If you register for these survey sites, I would suggest making a free email account, such as hotmail or gmail, specifically for these emails to go to.  If you want the best chance to earn, you need to sign up with alot of sites.  If you sign up with alot of sites, you are going to get alot of emails.  That is a good thing, but you don't want your personal emails to get lost in the mix.


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