Thursday, September 23, 2010

Check Your Email: $5/$30 CVS Coupon

Check you email!  I just got a coupon for $5 off my next $30 in-store purchase at CVS.   This one is even better than the ones they usually send because it is valid for a whole week, not just three or four days!  It does not expire until next Wednesday, and that is great because I had not planned on going to CVS this week.

If you are new to shopping at CVS, make sure you print this coupon!  This types of offers are great for reducing your initial expenses before you have any ECBs to use!

If you have not registered your email address yet, or you do not have a CVS card, go to  There you can register your card and link it to your email address, or even request a card.  Of course, you can also just ask for one when you go to a store. ;) When you first register your email address, your welcome email will contain a similar coupon as above.  It is usually a $4/$20-$25 coupon.


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