Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Few Reminders for the New Month

Yesterday, I reminded you to head over to to see if there were any new printable coupons that you would like to have.  Tonight I wanted to give a reminder about loading your e-coupons to your shopper cards.  Here are all the places that have new e-coupons for you:

Cellfire--I did not have any new ones here today, but they come out every other Tuesday, so I will check back on Tuesday.
Shortcuts--In addition to e-coupons, this site now offers printable coupons and cash back offers for online shopping!
P&G eSaver--These recently came back to my area, but are only available at Kroger, not Tom Thumb.  I have heard stories of Tom Thumb Affiliates allowing paper coupons with these as well, which made for huge savings.  I do not know if that is the case for Kroger.  Anybody know?
Upromise--Activate these a the beginning of the month, and then if you purchase the products with your shopper cards (drug stores are included) the savings will get added to your Upromise savings account.  Be sure to hit the "Activate Coupons"  button on the bottom right when you are done selecting your coupons.


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