Monday, September 6, 2010

What We Just Bought Using Swagbucks

My husband and I have been growing increasingly agitated at our 6 year old cookware.  Well, actually just the skillet.  Somehow it has lost its non-stickyness.  After not being able to flip over an egg without it breaking this morning, my husband had had enough.

Knowing we had some money stashed away in Amazon certificates from Swagbucks (yes, I know I said those were for Christmas presents ...), he went searching for a good deal on some new skillets.  I think what he found is a pretty great deal, even though it is regular price!  It is a triple pack of Farberware Cookware that includes an 8in and 10 skillet, as well as an 11in square griddle (which we've also been talking about getting for some time now) for only $24.99.  The item does qualify for Free Supersaver Shipping, but you will have to add another penny to your total.

I just thought I would share this find with you guys in case any of you were also looking for a good price on cookware.  I am needing to do alot of freezer cooking soon (in that post my freezer was really full, but now it's pretty much empty), so I will be needing some good non-frustation causing equipment. ;)


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