Friday, September 17, 2010

Yesterday's Tom Thumb Trip

I made a trip to Tom Thumb Yesterday because they were running two promotions, a Kraft Promotion, an a Campbell's Promotion.  We were all out of juice and cream soups, so I wanted to grab some while they were cheap.   Here is what I got:

Shelf Price:  $53.10
Sale Price:   $33.78
Total OOP:  $21.28          (60% savings)

I also got several coupons from the Catalina machine.  Apparently there was a Catalina promotion for the V8 Juice.  I purchased 4 bottles, and I received a $1 coupon.  I wonder if I would have gotten more if I had bought more?  I also got a coupon for a FREE box of mashed potatoes.  I'll be sure to pick those up next time I'm in there.

The store I went to had just installed self check-out machines that morning, so I got to test them out on day one.  They were very nice, and allowed you to scan your own coupons (at my Kroger you have to give them all to the attendant).  Since I used so many, I had to have the worker come approve it, but its hard to show them the coupons when you've already had to stick them in the little  But all went smoothly.

I know many people do not like self-check out machines, but personally I really do not mind.  I worked at a grocery store when I first got married, and I would go in at 6am and have to man all 4 self check-out machines plus open a register if a customer refused to go to them.  I learned their quirks, and at times I find them easier to deal with than humans.  Plus, no one else wants to use them, so there is never a line. ;)


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