Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Yet Another Site With Coupons

I got ALOT of newsletters in my email today from various sites that offer coupons. was another one.  It has alot of the same coupons as the other two sites I have posted this evening, and also many of the same coupons as are featured on  In fact, I started to not even post about it, but I really do value getting this particular newsletter because there are always yummy recipes included, and there are always coupons included.  Plus, because there are always coupons available for the items, I usually have many of the items on hand, and the recipes use the items that I have purchased using the coupons.  Ar you following me here?  Betty Crocker give you coupons to use to buy their products, and then they send you recipes for new ideas on how to use their products.  Its a win-win, I think!  So, if you like new meal ideas that use items that you bought with coupons, I think this one is a great one to sign up for too! (Of course, if you had a better coupon for a different brand that was one sale, you can certainly make substitutions =P)


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