Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Aldi Produce Deals 10/13-10-19

Here are the produce deals advertised for Aldi this week:

*Large Pumpkins                  $2.99 each
*Red Grapes                        $0.79/lb (sold in 2lb pack for $1.58)
*Apples, all varieties             $0.45/lb (sold in 3lb bags for $1.35)
*4 pack Pears                      $0.99/pack

*Gallon Milk                         $0.99 each
*Dozen eggs                         $0.69 each  (these have been even less at the store closest to me)

Although not advertised, this store has the lowest prices on just about anything I've seen, except perhaps meat.  They sell loaves of bread for just $0.69 and hot dog/hamburger buns for $0.75 everyday ($0.75 for the dogs, too!)  The sell mac & cheese for $0.35/box.  They sell bags of frozen chicken nuggets for $3.99.  These things are all lunchtime staples around here. ;)


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