Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Ronzoni Coupon=Free Pasta and a Few Thoughts

When you "like" Ronzoni on facebook, you can print a coupon for $1 off 1 box of Ronzoni Healthy Harvest.  Go under the Healthy Ha! tab and look on the left hand side for the coupon link.  A small box will pop up that says "click here" in red.  Click there, don't close the box. ;)

These often go one sale for $1, so this coupon will mean free pasta at many stores with a sale.  I'm very excited about this one.  I bought a bunch of this pasta a while back, mostly the Smart Taste variety, which is white pasta.  I had some coupons for this variety, though, which is whole wheat.  You have to understand that the family I was raised in was pretty healthy food-phobic, so I was a little hesitant.  I was pleasantly surprised when we first tried a box of thin spaghetti.  I could almost tell no difference from my usual store brand white pasta.  My husband said he found it a little "grainy"?? but that it was good.  My kids didn't even notice, they just ate.

The reason I tell you all of this, as opposed to just posting the coupon link, is because I believe that it is a very common misconception that the only thing that can be purchased using coupons is junk food.  This is a case in which coupons have allowed me to make a change for the better in my family's diet and include healthier, brand name options for a lower cost than less healthy store brand options.  Of course, coupons do make it much easier to have treats readily available, too. =)


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