Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A New Family Friendly Deal Site: The SavvySource

I wanted to tell you about another site that sometimes offers great deals.  The site is called The SavvySource.  This site is a little bit different than the daily group buying sites that I have told you about, such as Groupon.  This site focuses on giving parents information and ideas to entertain their children.  When you sign up, you will register with a certain city, and then from time to time there will be deals available in that city.  A few months back, I was able to buy my family a half price membership to the Dallas Museum of Nature and Science, which includes the children's museum.  We had already talked about getting a membership at full price, so when this offer came along I was quick to snap it up.

There have been a few other offers recently that I have been interested in, but sadly I waited too late and missed out on them.  But every single offer that they send out has interested me because of one simple fact: the site is geared toward parents with small children on a small budget.

I like this site so much that I have added their widget to my blog.  I chose to have it cycle through all the different cities' deals, but you can click on it and bring up your city at any time.

I am also adding this site to my Group Coupon Sites page for easy reference.  I suggest signing up with them right now if you are a parent and would be interested in these deals.  They send out emails whenever they are available, so if you register, you will never miss out on an opportunity.


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