Friday, December 31, 2010

Note To Self: Do Not Grocery Shop On New Year's Eve!

Man, it was CRAZY out there today!  I actually wanted to grab a few things from Tom Thumb, but after I drove into their parking lot I decided that crackers and tampons were not that crucial, and I drove right out.  I had a whirlwind shopping day even without that stop, though.  I did two transactions at CVS, Aldi, grabbed my wipes from Babies R Us from that deal I told you about on facebook last night, and went to Kroger.

First, at CVS, I bought two 42 count boxes of Prilosec.  They were on sale for $24.99, and you got $7 ECBs back (limit 2).  I then plan to submit for this rebate, that will give me a $25 Mastercard giftcard.  Both had to be purchased in a single transaction for the rebate.  I was so excited about this rebate deal because my husband has to take these and it seems like we are always running out!

Shelf Price:  $57.58
Sale Price:   $49.98
Used $7/2 coupon from 11/28 PG:  $42.98
Used $8.79 in ECBs from my last trip:  $34.19  (that's $17.10 per pack) --already 41% Savings!
Then I got back $14 ECBs, so it was like I only paid $20.19, or $10.10 per pack.
Then, when I receive my rebate in 6-8 weeks, it will be like I actually made $4.81!

My second transaction was this:
Shelf Price:   $32.64
Sale Price:    $25.83
Price After Coupons and $14 ECB's from above:  $0.96!  97% Savings!  And I got back $11ECBs.

Be careful if you do the razor deal, because only the Power type is giving back ECB's.  I got the wrong type at first, even though it was under tag for the sale.  They quickly exchanged it for me since they were the same price and I got my missing $4 ECBs without much trouble.  The Christmas stuff was all half off, and I found my girls a Disney princess ornament for next year for only $1.99.

Bypass Tom Thumb, and on to Aldi.  I didn't get a picture of this purchase, but it was just my needs for the week.  It was mostly great produce deals, trash bags, butter, and chicken nuggets (I know, how dare I run out!)  I spent $37.39.  Hopefully, I won't have to go back this week except for milk and bread.

From there, I went to pick up my baby wipes at Babies R Us.  Now, if you live in the Dallas area, you may know this particular store that is off of Town East Blvd, or at least you know the area.  The Town East exit is a madhouse nearly any day of the week because the mall, and just about everything else known to man in Mesquite, TX is on that exit.  Today it was beyond insanity.  I must have waited through 5 red lights just sitting on the exit ramp of I-635 waiting to turn onto Town East.   I was beginning to wonder what had possessed me to do this, but this is why:  $7.57 with tax!  3 for the price of 1!  I was out, too!

One more stop, and it is at Kroger.  My husband really wanted me to pick up some of the International Delight creamers that were $1  There were $0.55/1 coupons on their website, making them just $0.45 each (our store stops doubling at $0.50, sadly).  I planned to get some Coast soap that would have been free after the coupon from, but they were all out.  I ended up grabbing a few things I hadn't planned on, like the dog food my husband reminded me about, and two whole chickens that were on sale for $0.59/lb today only.  I also had a few of the $2/1 Quaker Oatmeal coupons left that were expiring today.  I thought I was just out of luck, but I happened to walk down the aisle and notice they were on sale for $1.99!  Yay for free oatmeal!

Here is what I got:
Shelf Price:  $58.87
Sale Price:   $42.37
Price Paid After Coupons:  $23.88  --60% Savings!

Man, after all that, I am all shopped out!  I hope you enjoyed reading about my shopping adventures today.  My cat certainly enjoyed the aftermath...
All told, I spent $104 on what should have cost $210.  That's 50% savings not even factoring in a savings at Aldi, and their prices can't be beat!  I also have $11 ECBs remaining for CVS, and will have $25 coming in the mail!


Cheryl December 31, 2010 at 8:01 PM  

Ah, I love the kitty!! Great find on the ornament. I'll remember your advice and not shop New Year's Eve
:-). Thanks for linking up your CVS shopping trip at Simply CVS.

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