Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kroger Mega Sale: Free and Cheap Items

Kroger is having yet another Mega Sale this week!  I get pretty excited about mega sales, in general because there are a ton of items included on them, and for every set of 10 items you buy, you get $5 off at the register instantly.  I am even extra excited (maybe even a bit giddy...naw that will be after I get back from shopping) about this particular sale because there are quite a few items in the mix that you can get for free or nearly so with coupons.

Before I begin listing out all these great deals, let me preface this by saying that these may or may not be the case where you are.  Anytime I am planning a Kroger trip, I always head over and check out the current Kroger coupon match-ups at Savings Lifestyle.  Amber does the store match-ups there, and she does an *amazing* job on them, so you should totally check that out.  I always find at least a couple things that I missed.  ;)  Tonight I was over there comparing what I already knew about, and I noticed that several of the items are priced higher at her stores over in Kentucky than at my stores in the Dallas area.  Many Kroger stores also differ in the way that they double or triple coupons, so if a deal I give involved doubling or tripling, you must check your stores policy on that.

Without further ado....
The prices I am listing before coupons are assuming qualifying items are bought in multiples of ten and already has the savings factored in (an extra $0.50 off the sale price of each item):

  • Kraft Singles -- With Sale  $0.99--  Use $1/1 coupon  =  FREE
  • Del-Monte Canned Vegetables  --With Sale  $0.26--No coupon, but $0.26!!
  • Rotel---With Sale  $0.42! -- There is some buzz about a $0.30/1 coupon from last Sunday (I didn't get it though), and there was a B3G1 free in last month's All You magazine.
  • Bar-S Franks  With Sale $0.89--Use $1/1 from facebook = FREE to $0.11 moneymaker
  • Honest Tea Single Serve --With Sale $0.75--Use $0.50/1 (doubles) = FREE to $0.25 moneymaker
  • Hunt's Tomatoes --With Sale $0.45--Use $0.45/3 from 1/23 SS (doubles)= $0.45/3 or $0.15 each!
  • Krusteaz Pancake/Cookie Mix--With Sale $1.49 --use $0.50/1 from 12/5 SS (doubles) = $0.49/box 
There are many other items that are included in the sale, and not advertised.  There are even items that are advertised on the sale, but not included in the pdf list of sale items from the Kroger website.

I simply do not have the time to do a full ad match-up, so I highly suggest you check out Amber's that I linked to above for the rest of the deals because there are many, many more!

I am seeing new printables pop up that go along with this sale every single day.  I plan on waiting to shop until after I get Sunday's paper, since in this region our ads run from Wednesday-Tuesday.  This sale will last through next week's sale cycle as well, so you have plenty of time to gather up your coupons and prepare!

If you know of any more freebies that are hidden in this week's sale, be sure to let us know.  Also, you can check out my shopping trip from last week, because some of the coupons I used to snag free things were used on items that were not even on sale!

Good luck to everyone who will be shopping this sale.  I can't wait to share my trip with you guys.  I'd love for you to share your trip, also.  Leave a comment below, or if you blog about your trip, leave us a link!  I think that seeing pictures of other's hauls can help us find items we may have missed, so share away!


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