Monday, January 17, 2011

New: Coupons on!?!

I came across something very interesting today.  The Wal-Mart website now has an entire page dedicated to printable coupons.  I say that this is interesting because I have heard WAY too many people talk of problems with Wal-Mart accepting their coupons, especially printable coupons.  If you have had issues with your Wal-Mart not accepting them, maybe this is a turning point for you.

Personally, I do not shop at Wal-Mart anymore.  I don't have anything against the place.  My mother has worked there since I was two years old, and in a smaller town it was fine.  Here near Dallas, it is always a mad house and stresses me out more than it saves me money.  Plus, they just opened an Aldi across the street, so that's where I've been going!

But, getting back to these coupons...I have a few positive things to say:
1)  The fact that you found them on seems like a valid enough argument to get the stores to accept them.
2)  They are manufacturer's coupons and have no mention of Wal-Mart on them whatsoever, so you can use them anywhere!  Just think of it as another non-store specific coupon resource.

There is one negative thing I would like to note, though.  Unlike's coupon page, which prints out three per page like does, this site takes you to individual bricks links for each coupon.  You have to go back to the page and click each one separately.  They print out one coupon per page and most have an advertisement below the coupon which is a huge waste of paper and ink and time.

Hopefully for those of you who have had trouble with Wal-Mart, this means that they are going to be getting a bit more coupon friendly.  If not, you can always take them elsewhere. ;)

I will add this page to my list of printable coupon sites, so you can always be able to have easy access to it.

I'd like to know your thoughts on this.  Have you had trouble using coupons at Wal-Mart?  What do you think this means?


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