Monday, January 31, 2011

Tom Thumb Trip 1/31

I had planned to go to Kroger this morning, really I did.  I even had my kids dressed, and then I remembered that there were some more coupons that I had not gathered yet.  *sigh*  This sale is a LOT of  Tom Thumb is closer to my house, though, and they had a few things that I wanted to get.  The kids were ready to go somewhere, anywhere, so I gather up a few coupons and made an impromptu trip over to Tom Thumb.  Here is what I came home with:

Total Shelf Cost:   $ 64.62
Total Sale Price:   $ 34.52
Price Paid After Coupons:  $16.45     75% Savings

Here is what I did  (note:  Tom Thumb will triple up to $0.39 and double $0.40-$0.50, but will do so for only 1 like coupon.  The rest are redeemed at face value):

  • First, I had a free coupon for the Uncrustables that was expiring today!  I had not been able to find these at Kroger.
  • The Nature Valley are on in-ad coupon for $1.77 (limit 6)  I used some printable $0.50/1 and $1.00/2 (one $0.50/1 doubled)  These are found in several places online, including and   I paid an average of just $1.19/box.  Not incredible, but we love these and have been out for a while.
  • The Gushers are on in-ad coupon for $0.99.  I used 3 $1/2 that were clipped from the back of the packaging last time I bought these.  This made these $0.49 each.  There are $0.50/2 from the 1/2 GM insert, and also on
  • The Skippy is on in-ad coupon for $1.49, and I used a $0.50/1 that doubled from Sunday's paper, and a $1/1 from a Superbowl coupon booklet that I picked up at Tom Thumb last week.  I do not think the in ad coupon was working, however, and I do not think that the cashier punched it in correctly, so I think I was overcharged for this item, but their receipts are very hard to read.  I should have paid only $0.49 each for them.
  • The Select Harvest Soup (my favorite!) is just $0.99 each wyb 4.  I used a $0.50/2 regular (which doubled) and a $1/2 Healthy Request variety and got them for just $0.49 each.
  • The Kraft salad dressings are on sale for $1.50 (today is the last day!).  I used 2 $1/2 from 1/23 SS.


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