Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Aldi Deals 2/2-2/8: Dallas Area

Produce Deals this week:

-Celery--$0.69 each   (when this is cheap I stock up, chop up, and freeze for cooking)
-Avocados--$0.45 each  (I find these to be pretty large sized, also)
-Baby Carrots--$0.49 each for a 1 lb. package
-Grape Tomatoes--$0.99/ pack (1 pint).--(I used these in a great homemade freezer salsa recipe--leave a comment if you are interested and I will post it).

Other Deals:

-Happy Farms 8oz Block Cheese--$1.79
-Savoritz Snack Crackers--$1.39   (These are like Ritz, and are very good!)
-Casa Mamita Salsa--$1.69 (24 oz)
-Clancy's Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips--$1.19 (13 oz)
-Mama Cozzi's 16" Deli Pizza --$6.49  (These are wonderful!  My store also sells a 12" size for $4.99)

For more Aldi prices, head over to The Aldi Spot.  These prices are for Florida, but many things are priced the same in the Dallas area, and perhaps your area as well.

I do hope this weather doesn't drive up our low milk and egg prices we've been having around here.  I'll have to venture out before the week is over to get more. ;)


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