Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another Trip To Kroger: Thankful For Those Daytona Rewards

Last night, a last minute change of dinner plans made it necessary to head back to the store.  I chose to go back to Kroger because I had some of their money to spend.  That was a very good thing, as my last trip had put me slightly over budget for the month, and payday isn't until tomorrow.

A secondary reason for going back was that I had noticed they had some Playtex tampons (only the regular absorbency) on closeout for just $2.90.  Using the $2/1 coupons from the 1/2 SS (that I did not have with me that morning), I was able to get 6 boxes of them for just $0.90 each!  If you are heading to Kroger this week, bring that coupon along with you just in case they are on closeout at your store, too!

Here is what I got (and why I need to do better at menu planning!):

Total Shelf Price:  $33.62  (the tampons were $4.69 regular price, if I recall correctly).  $2.99 for 6 Hoagie rolls *sheesh* and $1.99 for 1 pack of mozzarella.
Total Sale Price:  $22.38
Total After Coupons:  $10.38
Price Paid after Using $10 of my OYNO Coupons:  $0.38   99% Savings!

I still have $13 OYNO coupons to use before March 9th.

Starting tomorrow, payday, I am going to buy some great meat deals that I will post about shortly, and I am going to do some freezer cooking, and stock my freezer back up and make my menu for the month again, or at least two weeks.  Even pre-cooked food needs to be thawed and needs things to go with it, so waiting until the last minute to pull something out of the freezer is still not doing me any good.  I need to do better!

How many times a week do you have to run back to the store?  Or, if you have it all together, what is your secret?  Do tell!


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