Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Great New Site I Just Found

I just came across this great new site called Food On The Table.  I have not fully used it, but it seems wonderful!

You can sign up for free (there is also a paid upgrade, if you choose).  It then asks you what stores you shop at near you.  This is so it can pick out recipes using that store's current sale items.  It also asks what your family eats for main dish items, so it can personalize meat and vegetarian dishes for you.

I can't wait to use this site more.  I am constantly looking for new recipes, and trying to shop the sales on meat.  It seems that the site only links to the major stores, but I often find great sales on meat at the smaller Hispanic grocery stores in my area.  This site gives you an option to choose non-sale items for your recipes, though.  If you have a meat that you got on sale elsewhere on hand, you can pick that item from the list and still get a recipe for it.

It gives you recipe choices that you can choose from.  Then it will put together a shopping list for you and tell you what you are saving by buying the items on sale.  Give it a try!


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