Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Aldi Deals 3/16-3/22 Dallas Area..And Look Out for Markdowns

Produce Deals:
Bananas   $0.39/lb
Celery      $0.69 each
Yellow Onions  $0.25/lb sold in 3lb. bags for $0.75
Broccoli Crowns  $0.75/lb sold in 1 lb packs

Many areas of the country are having their red potatoes on sale.  They are not advertised here, but I certainly hope to find that they are!

Meat Deals: **
80/20 Ground Beef  $2.49/lb
Beef Stew Meat       $3.99/lb
Beef Chuck Roast    $3.49/lb
Boneless Center Cut Pork Chops  $3.49/lb
Pork Half Loin          $2.49/lb
Center Cut Pork Chops  $2.99

**I find their meat to be high quality, but quite expensive.  Whenever I go, I do check over the meat counter for any mark downs they may have.  I have found items up to half off before.  Right after Thanksgiving last year, I found this, which worked out to $1/lb:
You can see that this was an extra markdown, and there is a $3 off (I believe) sticker underneath the 1/2 price one.  So, whenever you are at Aldi, be on the lookout for those red stickers in the meat department.  Sometimes you can score a great deal on quality meat!

Other Deals:
There are a few markdowns at the bottom of this weeks ad, as well:
Route 1 Jive Bars (Like a Twix)  $0.29   (was $0.49)
Chunk Light Tuna in oil  $0.65  (was $0.69)
Whole Grain White Bread  $1.19  (was $1.29)

The thing that caught my eye the most, though, was the Lullabies Baby Wash 15oz, just $0.99  (was $1.29).  I am almost out of the Johnson's, and that stuff has gotten expensive.  Every once in a while you can find it on sale 2 for $5, but even if you have a $1 off coupon, you would pay more than this stuff at regular price.  I hadn't needed it in the past, so I guess I never noticed how inexpensive it was there.  I will be grabbing one of these on my next trip there!


JRFrugalMom March 16, 2011 at 1:52 PM  

I'm sorry to hear you did not get the potatoes, hopefully they'll still be on sale at the store. We got them at $1.29 for 5 lbs I think.

I agree with your thoughts on the meat....

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