Monday, March 14, 2011

Aldi Trip 3/14: The Getting Ready To Do Some Freezer Cooking Edition

I have been saying that I need to do some freezer cooking, and lots of it.  However, we just had two sets of family visits, and the first ended up running into the second because my mother in law had an unexpected hospital stay.  Since I had extra people around and extra cooking help, we just kind of cooked night to night.  Now that everyone is gone, and I have my husband home for his spring break, I knew I had to get it in gear.  I knew I was going to need a few things from Aldi this week such as milk and bread, but before I went I sat down and picked out 4 recipes that I plan on cooking tomorrow/Wednesday.  I will be using about half of that 15 lbs of chicken breasts that I had gotten for $0.98lb, and should end up having 9 meals from it.

I went over all of the ingredients that I would use, and checked off the items that I already had on hand.  I was extremely please to find that I only needed to add a handful of items to my shopping list!  The rest of the items I needed were already waiting in my pantry because I had stocked at rock bottom prices with coupons!

Here is everything I picked up, with only a few things that were not on my list ;)

Total spent on all of this was only $25.34 and I do not foresee needing to go back to the store this week (I hear another Mega Sale will be starting at Kroger on Wednesday, so I may have to check that out).

Here is a breakdown of some things I got and the awesome prices at Aldi (love that place!!!)
--Milk  $1.19 (not $0.99 anymore, but seeing the prices in other parts of the country, I'm not complaining!)
--Bread  $0.79
--Cucumbers  $0.59 each.  They actually looked good tonight, I've been passing them by the past few weeks because they were small and wrinkled up.
--Shredded Cheddar  $2.99 for 16oz.  I always thought their cheese was expensive, but I also thought it was a smaller bag.  This is just like getting two 8 oz bags on sale for $1.50 each like I did at Kroger last week.  I was going to need a bit more for my cooking though.  But now I know that Aldi's cheese is very reasonably priced!
--The boxed macaroni and cheese are just $0.29 each.  They may not be quite as good as Kraft, but they aren't bad either.
--Apple Juice  $1.29 for 64oz.
--Italian Dressing  $1.19 (We use this stuff as a marinade for our chicken before cooking it.  Gives it a great flavor!)
--Butter Crackers (like Ritz)  $1.39 and I cannot tell the difference.
--The Zesty Bites (like the new Cheetos) were marked down to $0.59 at my store.  Had tried these and they were delicious, so I picked up a few more bags.
--Parmesan Cheese--$2.29!!  I was most impressed by this price because I thought it would cost at least $3.50, as I have seen it priced over $4 in some stores.

I will post about my cooking progress tomorrow and try to share some of my recipes as well!


Debi March 18, 2011 at 10:29 AM  

Greta job! What are you planning on making? Come share your savings at the Bluegrass Savers Weekly Savings Page.

Amanda March 18, 2011 at 1:19 PM  

Thank you Debi, I will do that! I made four different chicken recipes, and I've been trying to find time to post about it. Most of them came out of the Taste of Home Freezer Pleasers cookbook that I picked up at half price books. Its my favorite!

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