Saturday, March 5, 2011

A New Product I Was Asked To Try And Share

A while back, I told you how you could sign up to be a Purex Insider.  I was recently notified that I had been accepted into this program.  Not long after that, a nice package showed up at my door.
I was very excited to see what was inside.  When I opened it, here is what I found:

I was sent a small sample of a new fabric softener product, as well as a free coupon for a full sized bottle.  I have not been to a store to use my free coupon yet, but I have tried the sample bottle.

First off, let me say that I have never used a liquid fabric softener, only dryer sheets.  I really liked this product, though.  The clothes had a great smell when they came out of the wash.  I thought that the smell would mostly go away by the time they came out of the dryer, but it didn't.  I washed my bedsheets and comforter with the crystals, and have been really surprised that the scent has lasted so long.  It is the 5th day since I washed them now, and I still smell the scent when I climb into bed.  My sample was of the Fresh Spring Water scent.  I thought that after the first night the scent that lingered smelled a bit like men's cologne, but I tend to like the smell of men's cologne. ;)  For a second, I thought that my husband had tangled the comforter up and thrown the side from his side onto my side of the bed, but then I realized that it was still the scent of the crystals.  I do not normally like for scent to linger on my clothing, because it is normally too strong and gives me a headache.  This scent, however is really light and barely noticeable on clothing unless you take a big sniff. I notice it more on the comforter since I have that pulled up to my nose. =)

This new Purex Crystals product is marketed as an alternative to liquid fabric softeners.  I received an informational sheet in my package that explained many differences between this new crystal product and traditional liquid fabric softeners:
--Liquids are oil based and leave behind a residue that then holds onto dirts and oils and prevents the items from cleaning properly in the wash.
--This same residue can also interfere with the absorbency of the fabrics.
--The residue left behind from liquids can also impair the flame-retardant treatments designated by the government for children's sleepwear.  In other words, the clothing will no longer self-extinguish in a fire like it should.
--The oily residue also interferes with the ability of sports wear to draw moisture away from the body during workouts.
--The new Purex Crystals product dissolves and infuses into the fabric instead of staying on the surface, so this residue is not present.
(Personally, I would love to see some info about how they compare to dryer sheets.)

For more information about this product, and to print your own $1 off coupon, go here.

The Purex Insiders program is offering prizes to the 100 bloggers who send the most visitors to their site, and I would love to be one of them, so please go check it out and print your coupon.

Also, once I send them a link to this post, they have promised to send me a few e-coupons to share with my readers.  I'm not sure about the value or what they mean by e-coupons, but be looking for a post about that coming soon.


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