Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shopping Trip 3/31: Expiring Coupons and Aldi

Well, today is the last day of the month, and you know what happens on the last day of the expire.  Normally, I would not let expiring coupons get to me.  Today, however, I had 3 of those $3/1 Gain fabric softener coupons.  You know the ones that everyone has been getting for less than $2 at Wal-Mart.  $1.87 for the 40ct to be exact.  After having heard about Wal-Mart's new coupon policy that allows overage on coupons that are above the value of the item ("If coupon value exceeds the price of the item, the excess may be given to the customer as cash or applied toward the basket purchase."), I thought it might be worth it to make a quick trip in there after lunch.

I always get nervous handing over coupons at Wal-Mart because I never know what is going to happen.  Recently I had heard stories of stores being so nice and coupon friendly, and all the cashiers knew what was going on and they had the new policy plastered to all of the registers.  Well, I just have three words to say about that...Must. Be. Nice.

After my cashier rang up my items, she began scanning y few coupons, and I saw her put those off to the side.  She then looked up and told me that they couldn't take those.  I said simply "I thought you would now, I read about it online".  I didn't have the coupon policy with me, but *if* I ever go back there I will now.  She had no idea what I was talking about.  She asked the cashier at the next register over, who apparently ranked higher up the chain of command than she did.  This lady told her yes it was ok, so she came back and put the coupons through no problem.  She said she wondered when they changed that.  I told her it had just been a few weeks, and that it was truly the only thing that got me back into the store because I hadn't been in about a year.

As I was grabbing my bags and walking away, a manger walked up.  She asked her, the manager looked outraged, and said "Naw.  We don't do that."  She pointed at the one who ok'd it, who again said yes.  The manager said "I got this.  NO."  She told her, "well, I just did it, "  and the manager said, "well, don't do it again."

I silently walked away, feeling sorry for the cashier because I know that she is going to have about a million arguments over this today.  I sincerely hope the next shopper through her line has a copy of the new policy with them so that manager can read it.  I think it is very sad that big corporations like that take absolutely no time to clue in their employees when such huge changes are made.  It's not the employees faults.  They are only doing what they have been told, and they haven't been told much of anything, and what they have been told is incorrect.  I'm not just saying this as a bitter customer either.  My mother has worked for the company for over 26 years years, so trust me when I say they never tell them anything!  I'm always like "hey mom, did you know blah blah blah?"  She doesn't.

So now that I've is what I got:

Total Shelf Price:  $27.58
Price Paid After Coupons and tax:  $9.06  (I got a FREE Drano coupon after I contacted the company.  I also got what I felt was a pretty rude email back from them, so you do what you want with that info...)

I did not get my windshield wiper blade, but I did pick up a mop head, since mine broke last week mid-mopping, and I had to finish up with a cloth diaper attached to my Clorox Ready mop that I have no more fluid for.  I guess now I have no excuses for not mopping, and boy do I need to!  I had forgotten what messes toddlers can make.  Even though I have two living mops...err....dogs. ;)

As I was leaving Wal-Mart, I decided to go ahead and stop by Aldi to pick up some of those awesome produce deals since it was just across the street.  I would have needed to go back in a few days for milk anyway, so it saved me a trip later on.

Here is what I picked up:
3 Strawberries, 1 Red Grape, 1 Green Grape, 1 bag of Gala Apples, 2 cucumbers ($0.65/each), Milk (up to $1.39 now....but still $2.09 at Wal-Mart), 3 frozen peas because I noticed a few nights ago we were out, Apple Juice, some snack crackers, a pack of diapers (gonna use disposables until we get another washing machine), and a pack of diet soda.  My husband has had cravings.  I feel I've corrupted him.

Total Paid:  $25.08

Unless I end up going to CVS, that should be my last shopping until next week.  This trip, along with my Target trip on Monday and my trip to Albertson's and Kroger on Tuesday and a quick $15 run into Aldi on Saturday have cost a little over $68 for the week.  This is right in line with my new lowered budget, so I am pleased even though I had to do a lot of catch up shopping.  I guess that's what I get for not shopping all last week.

How did your shopping go this week?  Leave a comment or a link below.


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