Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Free Kindle Books

I absolutely love all the FREE Kindle Downloads that are constantly available.  My biggest problem is that I never have time to read them!

There are quite a few new ones available recently, and I would venture to say that there is something for everyone!

If you like mystery and suspense novels here are some to check out:

Elisha's Bones

I've actually started reading this one, and it is definitely holding my interest!

The Maverick Experiment

Paid In Blood  An NCIS mystery.

For the Kids:

The Very First Easter

If You Love History:

The Secret Holocaust Diaries

Hitler's Pre-Emptive War

If You Have a Small Business:

Trend Following

Profiles of Remarkable Businesses Collection  6 books in 1.  Sells for $50!

Super Charge Your Social Media Strategies  3 in 1, sells for $60!

Those are a few that I think might appeal to many.  There are LOTS more, and plenty of new ones today.  I actually cannot keep up.  Every time I refresh the page I see something new!  If you do not see anything you like here, you can check out full list of limited time free offers.  There are plenty of women's fiction, religious, and romance titles to choose from, so go check them out.  You may end up finding a new author that you love!  I recently did.


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