Thursday, April 21, 2011

Survey Site: MindField

I have briefly written about taking online surveys in the past as another way to make a bit of extra cash or earn amazon certificates or other prizes.  I want to begin sharing some specific sites with you.  These are all sites that I have used and been paid by in the past.

Today, I thought I would begin with a site called MindField.  I chose this site because it was fresh in my mind since I was just able to request a check for $12 from them this morning.

While you will not get rich taking online surveys, I think they are fun, and at time I have even gotten to test out products in my home, and those types of studies always have higher payments.

Mindfield will send you emails fairly often.  Once you answer a few qualifying questions, if you qualify and complete the survey, the money you earn will show up in your account within a few weeks.  The cashout level is only $5 at this site, as opposed to $10 or even $50 at some other sites I've used.  You are able to select either a check mailed to you or a paypal deposit as a form of payment.

I like that this site actually still uses actual currency values, so you know what you are actually earning.  Many sites have now switched over to a points based system and it can be a little confusing to know how much you are actually earning for your time.

This site has also just switched to a new email form that actually shows you your current account balance on the side bar of the email.  This is a wonderful feature because often you forget to go back and check to see if your money has hit your account and it just sits there unclaimed.  That is what happened to me, and today my survey email let me know that I was able to request a check, so I did!

If you would like to start earning a little bit of extra spending money by taking online surveys, Mindfield is a great place to start.  Click HERE to register for free and start earning cash and testing new products in exchange for your opinions.

I will try to share a new panel with you each day as I am able, and I will add them to my Making Money Online page for future reference.


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