Thursday, May 5, 2011

Late Night Tom Thumb Trip: Cheap Duncan Hines and Juice

My husband is a really great guy (I know, I'm a little biased).  He also is pretty handy in the kitchen.  One of his favorite things to do is make cakes for his teacher coworkers when it is their birthday or some other special occasion.  Well, last night he came home and announced that he needed to make cakes because a teacher was coming back from her chemo leave.  Not a problem.  We have 6 boxes of cake mix in the pantry.  Sadly, we had no frosting to go with it because whenever I buy frosting to go with cake mixes, he sits around at night and dips fruit in it like its fondue or something.

So when he tells me this, I remembered seeing a great sale on Duncan Hines items at Tom Thumb.  Buy 2 items, get 3 free.  You could mix and match between cake, brownies, and frosting.  I wasn't planning on going out shopping last night.  The things you do for your husband....

So I began quickly searching for coupons to match with the sale.  I found that I had one printed coupon (no longer available) for $1.25 off a cake mix wyb 2 frostings.  I also found that the 4/10 SS had Duncan Hines Coupons for a FREE cake mix wyb 2 frostings, and $0.50 off any 1 Duncan Hines Brownies.  I clipped two for the cake/frosting and one of the brownies. (my store doubles up to $0.50, but only the first like coupon.  All others are redeemed at face value).  I got 10 total items (3 cake mixes, 6 frostings, and a brownie mix).

They were also having a sale on juices.  Welch's and V-8 Fusion were $1.99 each wyb 4.  We were out of Welch's but I didn't have any coupons for that.  I did have $1/2 of the V-8 Fusions, which made them just $1.49, so I got 4 of these.  I like to pay $0.99 for juice, but we were down to our last bottle.  Plus I really wanted to try the new concord grape raspberry flavor. ;)

Here is what I picked up (along with a few more things to hold us until I made it to a cheaper store):
Shelf Price:  $45.79
Sale Price:   $23.48    already 49% savings
Price Paid After Coupons:  $14.37     69% Savings

This is another good example of how the biggest savings are seen just by shopping sale prices, and coupons just add a bit to that.  In the end, I ended up paying only $0.21 per Duncan Hines item purchased, which is definitely a stock up price!  I was concerned that they would not let me use the free cake coupons along with the sale, but they scanned through just fine.  Even without them though, I would have paid just $0.61 per item.  

What is your stock up price for cake mixes/frostings?  Or do you make your own?


JRFrugalMom May 5, 2011 at 6:55 PM  

You really did great on this trip, especially for being a spontaneous trip. Without the planning you would only have gotten four items or so for that price.

I rarely buy cake mixes or icing, but if I do, it better be a good sale.

Saving Myself Silly May 5, 2011 at 7:31 PM  

Yeah, not too bad for the rush. I'm sure I missed a few deals I could have picked up, but that's ok.

It's sad because we hardly ever make cake, but I'm always buying them for him to bring to someone else LOL.

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