Friday, May 13, 2011

Shopping Trip 5/13: Aldi

Since my Kroger trip on Monday, I haven't done any shopping at all this week.  Ok, well that isn't entirely true.  I did push my double stroller across the street and waste time in Wal-Mart (completely couponless!) while my van was having a $9.99 oil change yesterday.  I actually found some men's belt's on clearance for $3.  I got my husband two of them, because he was in desperate need of a new belt since his old one had an encounter with our dachshund.  So happy when I find things that I am about to have to pay full price for marked down!  =)

I usually make my weekly Aldi trip on Thursdays, but I didn't get there yesterday, so I went this morning.  There were only a few things on my list to get, but somehow I always think of more things when I am there.  There were not any incredible produce sales this week.  My favorite were the $0.25 cucumbers, but I also found that the zucchini were still $0.59, so I grabbed a couple more packs of them.   I also stocked back up on some frozen items and things for lunches for the next couple weeks.

Here is everything I came home with:

My total OOP was $34.74.

I noticed the milk had risen ten more cents to $1.89.  The eggs were still $0.49 and all the others items were still the price that I remembered them being, with the exception of perhaps the apple juice.  I think it went up slightly.

Also, I have never ever bought frozen juice concentrate before, but they were so inexpensive that I thought I would give them a try, since I haven't found a good sale to stock up on bottled juices in a while.  I totally did not even think to put the apple juice back on the shelf!  I made one with our lunch today, and even though it said to add only 3 cans of water, I thought it tasted pretty strong.  I think I added about 6-7.  Do you guys use these?  Which version do you find more economical/better tasting?


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