Friday, May 27, 2011

Shopping Trip 5/27 (Part 2): Aldi and Tom Thumb

I just told you about my morning shopping trip.  I still had two more places that I needed to go.  I suppose I *could have* picked up the things I needed while I was out this morning, but I saw no point in paying $2.99 for milk when I could get it for $1.79 at Aldi!  Plus there were several sale items I wanted to pick up at Tom Thumb which is about two blocks from Aldi, and the bank is right in between them.  These are all the places that I needed to go this afternoon, and I actually got to go by myself!  The cashier at Aldi even asked where my girls were.  How could he forget the one that always talks his ear off. ;)

Here are all of the things that I picked up at Aldi today:

Total spent:  $50.03

For the past few weeks I have been averaging roughly $35/week on my families needed items at Aldi, so I was a little shocked to spend so much today, but then I remembered that I had bought an 18 roll pack of toilet paper, diapers, and coffee, and those should last us a while.  I also noticed that the small bags of salad were marked down to just $0.49, so if you are there, you may want to keep an eye out for that.

Next up was Tom Thumb:
Total Shelf Price:  $42.47 (Insanity!)
Total Sale Price:  $16.50
Price Paid After Coupons:  $6.98    84% Savings

The cashier was quite impressed.  =)

The hot dogs were enough to get me in the store ($0.49 per pack) and I picked up a few more items on sale while I was already there.  All told, today I spent $57.01 out of this month's budget (this morning I finished off a gift card I had.)

I am now completely stocked up on hot dogs!  I got 10 packs today for $4.96 total.  I had gotten 8 packs during this sale last year, but they are my girls favorites, so they didn't last very long.  I have two more $1/2 Oscar Meyer coupons, so don't be surprised if you see me hop in there for 4 more packs.  It's all about knowing how many your family needs to get you through to the next sale!

I also did a pretty good job of replenishing our snack supply, along with the items we needed and a few more things to add to the pantry.  In this way I am slowly growing my stockpile by buying items before I run out, when they are at their lowest prices.  I may not need it now (in fact, I may already have 5 bottles), but when it is the dead of winter I won't have to run out and pay full price for a bottle of BBQ sauce.


JRFrugalMom May 28, 2011 at 9:29 PM  

That is a fabulous price on hot dogs - my son's favorites too.

It really is amazing how fast your grocery bill can go up, if you pick up a few big dollar items such as toilet paper and diapers...not fun for us, who usually pay less than a dollar per item after sale and coupons.

Thank you for linking up your savings at the Weekly Savings Linky @ Frugality Is Free.

Amanda May 29, 2011 at 12:04 AM  

I know! I'm just glad those aren't weekly things that need to be bought.

My Aldi has hot dogs for $0.75, but it is for an 8 pack. I like Oscar Meyer much better and there are 10 in those, with two resealable packs, so I think that's much better. I also got 6 packs of Bar-S at Kroger for $0.50 each. Not my fav, but the kids don't seem to care. The freezer is stocked up again. ;)

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