Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Shopping Trip 5/3: CVS and Kohl's

My past two trips to CVS, I have not gotten enough items to use all of my ECBs, and so I had one for $1.98 that would be expiring today.  I planned my trip out last night and planned to go then, but by the time I was done collecting my coupons, it was already 9:45 and my store closes at 10.  I had no choice but to wait until today, and take my girls along.

I also happen to think that it is a waste to change out of perfectly comfy pajamas for one 15 minute CVS excursion, so I ran back by my house and grabbed my $10 off my next purchase at Kohl's coupon that came in the mail on Saturday (I actually had to dig it out of the trash where my husband deposited it when he checked the mail!)  It said it could be used on any purchase, including clearance items, so I just wanted to see what I could find.

Here is what I got from CVS:

Total Shelf Price:  $35.51
Total Sale Price:   $28.30
Price After Coupons:  $20.79
Price Paid After $10.28 in ECBs from last trip:  $10.51  (no tax)  for a 70% Savings  and I got back $10.54 in ECBs

I actually did two transactions here.  I only bought 2 of the Frappuccino's in the first transaction because I had seen reports online that the sun chips were actually part of this deal, but that did not end up being the case at my store.  I did not get my $5 ECBs for the pepsico deal and my receipt said that I only had purchased $10 towards it (the 2 fraps), so I dug into my stash of money from my birthday and bought myself another 4 pack to get my $5 ECBs (I didn't want to take any more out of the grocery budget, and these things are truly my weakness).  I could have returned the Chips and Sierra Mist and spent $4 less, but my husband loves them, so I decided to forgo the hassle.

The coupons I used were these:
$2/2 Frappuccino 4 packs (5/1 Pepsico insert)
$2/2 Sun Chips (5/1 Pepsico insert)
2 FREE Sierra Mist wyb Sun chips (5/1 Pepsico insert)
$1/1 Colgate Max (May All You)
$0.75/1 Colgate (5/1 SS)

Next, we went over to Kohl's.  I really like this place, but hardly ever go there.  A free $10 to spend was enough to get me in there, though.  Both of my girls have birthdays in the summer, so I wanted to look for them some new clothes (I may give them to them before then).

Here is what I found on the clearance racks:
Cute flower onesie marked down to $4.40 from $11.
Matching kitten shirts that say "Here comes trouble" ....how very appropriate LOL  marked down to $3.90 from $13.

After my $10 coupon I paid just $2.38 and my receipt says my total savings was $34.80!  Woohoo!

I do not know how or why I got the coupon, it just showed up randomly in my mail.  All I can say is make sure you register your name and address with your favorite stores so you can get surprises like that as well.


JRFrugalMom May 4, 2011 at 3:30 PM  

You did great at Kohls Amanda, I love those random coupons. Do you do Mypoints? I always get Kohl's or JCP gift cards, and then I hold onto them until the coupons come in....

I hate when that happens at CVS, but sometimes we just gotta go with the flow:) Part of being frugal is knowing when to splurge...

Saving Myself Silly May 4, 2011 at 3:54 PM  

I have had a Mypoints account for a long time, but I stopped getting the paid emails from them and do not know how to make them start back up, so the only thing I ever get points for is BzzAgent. I'll have to go back over there and check it out because it's been a while. I'm sure they have some new ways to earn.

Cheeky Momma May 4, 2011 at 10:21 PM  

I LOVE clearance shopping at Kohl's! I have a post scheduled to post to my blog in the morning on my most recent Kohl's shopping trip!

I'm your newest follower and would love for you to stop by and follow me back! I love sharing frugal deals!

Being Frugal & Making It Work

Saving Myself Silly May 4, 2011 at 10:54 PM  

Thank you Bridget! I already follow you, so I will be on the lookout for that post. I love seeing other people's clearance finds.

Frugal in WV May 9, 2011 at 8:21 PM  

Great job at kohl's. love their coupons! Following you from the blog hop, you can find me at


Saving Myself Silly May 9, 2011 at 9:42 PM  

thanks for stopping by! I am following you back, and your posts were making me hungry. ;)

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