Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How Do You Double A Coupon?

Now that you know the basics about what coupons are and how to and how not to use them, lets get into some of the fun stuff!

 I get asked this question a lot “How do you double a coupon?”  Many people think that there is something special that they have to do, or that doubling means using two coupons on the same item.  This is not the case.

Doubling means that the store will give you twice the face value of the coupon.  This will happen automatically at the register if your store does this.

You will need to check with each store in your area to find out if they double coupons and if so how many they will double and what face values they will double up to.  Also, do not assume that every location of a larger chain has the same rules.  Store managers have the right to set limits regarding doubling at their particular stores.  Also many chains are broken into smaller regions, and each region can have its own set of rules concerning doubling.

There are also stores that double coupons everyday, while there are other stores who periodically have double coupon events for a specific time frame.

In my area (DFW) there are three stores that double/triple coupons everyday:  Kroger, Albertson’s and Tom Thumb. 

All three of these stores will give triple the face value of a coupon $0.35 and under, up to the price of the item, and double the face value of coupons valued from $0.36-$0.50 up to the price of the item.

This means that a $0.25 coupon will actually take $0.75 off of my total at the register; a $0.50 coupon will deduct $1.00 from my total, while a $0.55 coupon will only deduct $0.55 since it is above the limit that the stores will double.  So smaller value coupons can actually be worth more at these stores than they would be at a store that does not double, such as Wal-Mart.

My Tom Thumb has a limit of one like coupon doubled per transaction.  This means that if I have two coupons for $0.50 off a certain product, and I buy two of that product and redeem both coupons, the first will deduct $1, while the second (and any subsequent ones) will deduct only $0.50.  You can use as many as you purchase items to use, but only the first will double.

Albertsons and Kroger (at least the ones I shop at) do not have such limits.  They will double all the coupons you use that are within doubling range.  This may not be the case at all stores.  I have heard that some Kroger stores are now limiting you to 1 or 3 like coupons doubled per transaction, and in some areas (Houston in particular) they have stopped doubling all together.

Stores will often have their coupon policies printed at the bottom or top of their ad.  If not, you may want to give your store a call and ask before you plan your shopping trip.  You don’t want to get up to the register with a cart full of items and not have your coupons double like you expected them to.

What stores in your area, if any, doubles coupons?

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