Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Last Minute Tom Thumb Trip

I had been wanting to get to Tom Thumb all week to check out their Buy 5 Save $5 deal on breakfast items. The ad did not indicate prices, and when I got there, the items I wanted to buy were a bit more costly than I would have liked, but since I had been out of them for a while, and figured I wouldnt see another sale like this for another few weeks at least (and since I was already there), I decided to go ahead with my purchases.

I did two transactions, just because I wasn't sure if I could save $10 if I bought 10 items, so I split it up.  It had the added benefit of letting me be able to double both of my Cheerios coupons.

Here is everything I came home with:

Total Shelf Price:  $33.30
Total Sale Price (Including $10 Savings):  $18.70   44% Savings Already
Price Paid After Coupons:   $12.50     63%   Savings

I paid  $0.99 each for the cereals and $1.36 each for the Nature Valley.  I think that's about the lowest I've seen them, now that I think about it.  Have you been able to buy them for less?


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