Monday, August 29, 2011

El Rio Grande Trip 8/29

I have recently discovered an El Rio Grande store that is located closer to my house than the one I first shopped at, and I am very excited to note that it is just a few more blocks down the street from my daughter's school.  So, since they had some great things on sale this week (ending tomorrow), and I had not had the chance to go shopping yet for this ad week, I brought their ad along and went shopping straight from dropping her off at school.

Here is everything that I picked up, minus a little $0.25 juice drink to appease a toddler who had dropped her bagel on the floor.  (She thinks the limes are balls.)
11.45 lbs chicken breast @ $1/lb = $11.45
3.19lb of Pollock (fish) @ $1/lb = $3.19
8 cans tomato sauce @ 8 for $1= $1
2 lunchables @ $1 each =   $2
2 packs John Morrell Sausage @$1 each =  $2
7 oranges @ 7 for $1 = $1
6 limes @ 6 for $1 = $1
2 cucumbers @ $0.69 each = $1.38
8 corn @ 4 for $1 = $2  (will cut some into small pieces to freeze)
2 green onions @ 2 for $1 = $1  (will chop and freeze)
2 1lb carrots @ 2 for $1 = $1  (I noticed the 2 lb bag was $1.69 so this was a better value)

Total:  $26.79

I don't think that's too bad for the amount of fresh food I got!  And once again, I didn't even have to use a coupon.  Actually, its been nearly two fulls weeks since I've used a coupon!  That's a bit unusual for me, but quite honestly life got a bit hectic and those got pushed to the side.  I am working on getting them reorganized today, and planning to catch the Mega Sale at Kroger and perhaps even Albertson's and/or Tom Thumb tomorrow.  (High aspirations that may or may not come to fruition....) ;)

This afternoon during naptime, I plan on spending a bit of time chopping up some of the fresh produce in my fridge and putting it away in the freezer for later use.  I have onions (green and yellow), celery, corn, and some melon that I think I'm going to try to freeze for smoothies.  I'll keep you posted how that turns out.

I also did a bit of freezer cooking this morning before I even left to bring her to school, so I will share about that in a bit


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