Friday, August 26, 2011

Review: Laminated Cleaning Cards From The Happy Lil' Homemaker

A few weeks back, I ordered a few items from The Happy Lil' Homemaker Store.  Now before I get to the point of this blog post, let me just say that I am totally blown away by the organizational skills of this woman.  Mine a word...lacking.   

I knew that Kindergarten was going to be starting soon, and things were going to be hectic and crazy around here if I did not get my act together!  I had been eyeing the laminated cleaning cards in her store for some time, so I decided to take action and order them.  She was running a FREE shipping special (which is still going on, but it ends Sunday!!) so I thought there was no better time!

You can have your cards customized, and she shows a few examples on her site.  I asked for purple because I absolutely adore purple, so here are my cards.

They came with the backs of the cards labeled with the date, which is awesome.  I happen to be an out of sight out of mind sort of person, so I chose to write in the days in large (purple) Sharpie across the tops.  I also wrote in myself a daily reminder to do a load of dishes (or else I forget and have a mountain of dirty things in my sink), and to gather up the trash and recycling on the night before trash day.

A couple of quick personalizations and they work perfectly for me!  They are so detailed and cover so many things that I would never have thought to do (like dusting the ceiling fans...I never remember that!).

I have been using them for about two weeks now, and my house was in a pretty sad state when I received them.  I have to say that a week into using them, it was not even very stressful getting the house cleaned up for my mom's visit this past week.

I found the list a bit overwhelming at first, so instead of trying to clean all 4 of my bedrooms on one day, I focused on one or two, then the next week I moved to another and simply had to maintain the first one a bit.

I did the same with wiping down the kitchen walls.  I started with the top cabinets one week and the bottom cabinets the next.  

I know I still have a good ways to go to get this place looking the way I would like it to, but I feel like just having this schedule to remind me what needs to be done each day is helping so much, plus they are laminated, so I just track my progress with a dry erase marker so I can easily see what has and has not been done!

I actually feel as though I am making progress towards getting my house in order, and even have some time for some organizational tasks--like clipping my long neglected coupons!

There are many different items like these offered in The Happy Little Homemaker Store, and until Sunday shipping is still FREE, so go have a look and see if there is anything she offers that can help make your life easier and your household run more smoothly!


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