Thursday, August 18, 2011

Shopping Trip 8/18: Meat And Produce

Yesterday, after looking over the great meat and produce deals for this week, I shared with you my shopping plan.  This morning, I went out to the two stores that I planned to shop at, El Rancho and El Rio Grande.

I more or less stuck to my list.  I opted not to get the catfish nuggets at El Rancho because they didn't look too great.  I also opted to pick up a few extra items that we needed and that were relatively reasonably priced at El Rio Grande.  Those few items (cheese, mayo, and decaf iced tea bags) made up in price for me not buying the fish, and I still spend just under $60 for all of this:

The prices were so good on all these items this week that I was able to get 36 lbs of meat (10 lbs of chicken breasts, 11 lbs ground beef, 10 lbs leg quarters, and 5 lbs of pork stew meat) and all of that produce (bananas, a 16lb watermelon, two cabbages, 3 cucumbers, 2 bunches of cilantro, 8 oranges, 7 lbs of yellow onions, 6 lbs of fresh green beans, and 5 ears of corn), plus two loaves of bread, 30 eggs, cheese, mayo, and tea all for less than one week's grocery budget!

This is truly my favorite type of shopping because I feel like I got items to substantially feed my family.

Don't get me wrong, I love shopping with coupons, but let's be honest, they take a lot of time and effort!  Plus, you don't often (not that it doesn't happen) see coupons for fresh meat and produce.   They are just rare, and usually for the more expensive name brand items, so I'm not sure the savings are truly there.

I think by spending my morning going a little bit out of my way to two stores that I don't always frequent, I was able to stock up on a ton of essentials for much less than I could have by shopping at my favorite "coupon stores" of even at Aldi, which I love, but think their meat is overpriced.

I kinda feel like I hit the jackpot this week, since both of these places were running amazing sales, and my mother is coming on Saturday, so I will have help watching the kids while I get some much needed cooking done.  I'm very excited to fill my freezer again!

Do you have any favorite places to stock up on fresh foods?


Anonymous August 18, 2011 at 8:05 PM  

Great shopping trip. And I agree. Coupon shopping saves on a lot of staple items, household cleaners and health & beauty, but you still need the fresh meat and produce. Stores may hope that you will pick that up while coupon shopping, but it is often over-priced and would eat up most if not all of your hard-earned savings. By catching sales and stocking up, you save even more.

I appreciate your sharing your observation about fresh meat and produce prices increasing during the fall and winter. Knowing when we need to stock up is a huge help!
Thanks you...


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